Ask the Bicycle Doctor – World Premier

Maciej, Kyle & Tio Gomez

Welcome to our new podcast! This is a show where three (or four) bike shop professionals answer your cycling questions and we’ll also talk a bit about what’s happening in the wild world of bicycles. We’ll discuss everything from the pro cycling tour to e-bikes and everything in between.

The premier episode features mi amigos, Maciej and Kyle and we talk about the results of the Tour de France along with the new Serial 1 e-bikes from Harley Davidson (we all got to ride them this week) and the new Trek Roscoe (Roscoe’s Mustache). We also answer two questions from our readers.

Serial 1 – Mosh City – Belt Drive Singlespeed


1) 29×5 who’s going to be the first to make it? Sincerely Clydesdales everywhere.

2) Rider Weight Do bikes have rider weight limits?

Send Us Your Questions

We invite all of you to share your questions about any sort of bicycle conundrum that vexes your bicycle lifestyle. During the show, our panel of pro bike wizards will try to get after answering your questions and we’ll also discuss what’s hot in the bike world. Please send your questions to with ‘Dear Doctor’ in the subject line or post your questions in the comments below.

One Response to Ask the Bicycle Doctor – World Premier

  1. Bill Greenwood July 28, 2021 at 9:57 pm #

    Dear Doctor,

    I enjoyed the new podcast and learned a few new things along the way. I’m an old MTBer, but new to fat bikes. I know tire pressure is important to fat bike ride quality. I’ve seen general ideas on what psi to use depending on terrain, but I would also think that there are many variables to also consider such as tire size, rider weight, etc. Do you have any pointers for dialing in the ideal psi?

    Thank you!