Klunkedelic – Wallpaper Wednesday

We have the luxury of featuring just the sort of bicycle fun and games that we’re particularly passionate about here at fat dash bike dot com. This summer we added a column about a sub-niche that’s linked to my earliest memories of hot rodding my bike. I’d spend most of my summer lawn mowing money at Bade Bikes in the town that I grew up in. There’s no better day than a day that I get to ride a bike like a kid with considerably fewer cares or concerns in the world and it’s on those days that I ride this bike. It’s an Asylum Hank, singlespeed, coaster brake, and cost me a mere three hundred and fifteen dollars (as pictured). Of course, I threw a few hundred more dollars at this bike in the name of hot rodding, etc. We cover these niches and sub-niches because this is how we choose to spend the best part of our lives. Something that I still refer to as going out to play bikes. Fat-bikes, Klunkers, Gravel, Plus & Singlespeed #youreadaisyifyoudo

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