Terrene Tires – Yipee Ki Yay (motherf*cker)

Just in time for the holidays, Terrene Tires Announces the 27.5×4.3 Yipee Ki Yay Fat Tire. We got word that the YKY was coming out and look forward to putting a pair through their paces as soon as they’re available. Here’s the news release from the Krueger Bros.

Flathead Valley, MT — November 24, 2021 ­­— Terrene introduces the Yipee Ki Yay, a versatile mixed surface fat tire to their line of specialty bike tires.

From winter ice and snow, to loose sand and dirt, Yipee Ki Yay is designed to help you perform at your best wherever the route leads. Designed for traction in mixed loose terrain, the 27.5×4.3” Yipee Ki Yay is intended to enable excellent acceleration, braking, and cornering for aggressive riding on all surfaces.

The tread design of the Yipee Ki Yay features longitudinal side lugs that aid traction in soft conditions and allow the tire to hold a corner in soft sand and snow without washing out. The tread block size was designed to keep weight down while still offering substantial bite into the trail surface, and features a studdable design with 250 stud pockets for excellent winter traction in icy conditions. 

“A tire like Yipee Ki Yay is ideal for riders that want one tire that will provide the performance they need all year long.” Said Terrene Designer Anders Broste. “Yipee Ki Yay is a set it and forget it tire, it’s a tire that inspires fun and confidence day in and day out.” 

The Yipee Ki Yay was created in partnership with Corvus Cycles, formerly Fatback Bikes, for their 27.5 lineup of fat bikes. The intention with this tire for Corvus was to offer a desirably sized tire that really bites into the terrain, holds great traction and corners well without an overly aggressive or heavy tread design. With Yipee Ki Yay, buyers will get a great tire right out of the gate that will inspire confidence in all conditions throughout the life of their bike.

“Terrene is continuing to push fat bike tire development, even as other tire brands are focusing elsewhere. We have seen how riding on snow has progressed over the years, with the increase in 27.5″ wheels, the introduction of more groomed trails every year, and people riding faster than ever on singletrack.” Said CEO Tim Krueger. “For those reasons, we designed Yipee Ki Yay—a medium-width aggressive tire made for riding on packed or groomed snow, but with excellent cornering and propulsion traction, as well as a large stud count to ride throughout all conditions.”

With Terrene’s proven experience designing and building specialty bike tires, the Yipee Ki Yay adds one more offering to their fat tire line with a well-rounded fat tire that riders have been asking for. Combined with their best in class Triple Traction stud design, Terrene has delivered a tire that will be an absolute blast when called upon to perform. Yipee Ki Yay is available for purchase now through, and will be shipping this winter in both non-studded and studded versions for $119 and $199.


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