Summer Squatch Event Update

Levis / Trow Mounds Trail

Summer Squatch 2022- Labor Day weekend

Have you been looking at photos from Levis Mound and telling yourself, I wish I knew where some of those wonderful overlooks and rock formations were? If you come to Summer Squatch, you’ll get a guided tour to the best of three different mounds!

The Summer Squatch is a grassroots fundraiser for the trail system at Levis. Last year the festival raised over $3000 that went directly to the trails that we all love. Levis is a unique resource to the mountain bike community. Think about this…where else do you ride in Wisconsin that has Elk, Bear, Wolf and Gnomes? That kind of wild country coupled with some of the best old-school singletrack in the state makes Levis Trow a mountain bike mecca!

This is what we’ve got cooking for this year’s festival.


5-7 pm Meet & Greet at Sand Creek Brewing in Black River Falls

Dark:30 – Night Ride Light Parade – We’re not going to waste any time before getting weird. It’s time to break out ALL of your lights to light up the night. Last year there was a Yeti Sighting. The sight of thirty plus bikes snaking through the woods was pretty groovy last year! Let’s see if we can double that this year.


#coffeeoutside – Indulge your ‘Coffee Outside Lifestyle’ with your favorite variety and technique. Bring your own local roast or choose from varieties chosen by Summer Squatch’s Culinary Wizard. There will be hot water for steeping. Bring your French Press or Pour Over rig. We want this to be inclusive, so we encourage folks to mingle and share their techniques over a hot or cold cup of joe.

10 am – Guided Group Rides – There’ll be 3 groups of guided rides that will feature the greatest hits of the trails. There’ll be optional off trail hikes to some of the scenic rock formations on Levis and Trow Mounds

Low & Easy – Lower Glen, Dead Turkey, Wolf Run, Select Cut, Snodgrass (1 Hour)

Long & Leisurely – Lower Glen, Swamp Cut, Yellow Jacket, Secret Trail, Buck Hill, Sidewinder (optional), Upper Hermosa, Hermosa, Lower Hermosa, Dead Turkey, Select Cut, Snodgrass (2-4 Hours)

Long Hard and Fast – Lower Glen, Swamp Cut, Yellow Jacket, Secret Trail, Goat Dance, Secret Trail, Yellowjacket, Sidewinder, Upper Hermosa, Hermosa, Lower Hermosa, Dead Turkey, Toad Road, Cliff Hanger, Prime Cut, Snodgrass (3 Hours)

Taco Bar – Chef Adam is going to serve up a delicious Taco Bar with all of the fix’ns (incl veg option)

5 pm Optional Overnight Bikepacking Route to Wildcat Mound. The route includes Lower Glen, Swamp Cut, Yellow Jacket, Secret Trail, Goat Dance singletrack to ATV Trail and Gravel Road that has every condition imaginable. Wildcat Mound has a scenic overlook that’s sure to please.

The rest of the night at the Levis Trail Center there’ll be a bonfire and the return of the Baby Pool Beer Pot Luck.


BikePackers Return from Wildcat (and then)

The Guided Photo Tour – The best of Levis! Balanced Rock, The Arch, Goat Dance Overlook

In the evening – Pot Luck Chili Feast in the Chalet, Music, bonfire and Tomfoolery


The Volunteers Ride – Celebrate the folks that help make events like this happen with a ride where we all compliment them on their socks – Steve Dean, Sue, others!

If you plan to attend, please register before the event. That gives us a better idea of how much coffee, tacos, gnomes, and porta-potties to order. Plus it saves you twenty bucks off of on-site registration!

$50.00 per person pre-registered entry. fee-proceeds to the Levis Mound Trail fund.
Day of, on-site registration $70

Register Here –

Event FB Page –

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  1. Looking forward to this. I’m trying to wrangle up some friend to come as well.

    • probably Joe – there are lots of trees there, but I slept in a ground tent when we scouted there.

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