Sea to Summit Compression Sack Review By Trevor (Allroy) Hughes 

Some time ago Gomez did a gear roundup on the Sea to Summit Stretch Loc straps. After reading the review, I purchased a multi-pack of various lengths of Stretch Loc straps and a 2-pack of equal-length Stretch Loc straps for an upcoming bike pack trip.

On a previous bike-packing trip, I discovered that although the trip was super exciting, the frustration of loose and swaying gear was really annoying. 

(1st trip. Lots of improvements possible)

The Sea to Summit Straps worked incredibly well.  They stopped all the sway I experienced on previous trips and were really easy to use.  These straps were such a great addition for strapping gear on “Babe” (my bike) that I searched out other Sea to Summit products. The two items that caused the biggest packing problems for me were my tent and sleeping bag. Being 6’5” tall, most camping-related gear that fits me can be quite bulky. 

Along comes Sea to Summit space-saving compression sacks to the rescue. 

 I had to try several sizes before I found the one that worked. The salesperson at the store was nice enough to let me bring my gear and try the bags to find the right size.  This wasn’t because they were too small but quite the opposite.

2 small (10L) sacks fit my tent (sans poles) and my sleeping bag in my Blackburn Handlebar roll with a bit of room to spare. 

The sacks seem very durable. I did not hear or experience the dreaded popping noise that comes when someone puts a little too much tension on cinch strap stitching (which I have a tendency to do). They are waterproof and can compress items to 1/3 of their size. They also come in a variety of colours. The compression sacks retail for just under $40 Canadian each.  I found them to be a good value for the money spent.

 The sacks performed incredibly well and made repacking a snap on my last bike pack trip. The compression sacks were light and I didn’t notice any weight they did add.  They were a welcome addition to my kit and made it very easy to keep everything organized and securely in place.

I would happily recommend them to anyone in need of a packing solution. 

Babe with gear securely stowed.  I got back to the business of enjoying the view instead of constantly stopping to adjust and retie gear.

‘Till then, 


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