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Much needed Bling by JP Syverud

  I have had many bikes over the years, steel, aluminum, carbon, titanium, even a bamboo one. The one thing I have never had that I have always wanted, was that one special bike part that gets over looked a lot of the time, the custom head badge.  The best craftsman I know that makes […]

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Global Fat-Bike Day Gallery

Global Fat-Bike Day – December 3rd, 2016 Here are all of the designs that were entered into our Global Fat Bike Design Contest. Please feel free to share all of them on your GFBD event pages, instagram feeds, tumblr and pinterest walls and or anything else that you can think of, to help you and […]

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Fat-bike Art Made in Alaska

After seeing our previous piece on Fat-bike Art an observance fellow named Adam contacted  us about a Fat-bike Art piece his girlfriend Angie did. We got it touch with Angie to see what inspires here and how she goes about making her particular style of art. Here is what she had to say: My name […]

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Fat-bike Art

Jeff Waggoner from Absent Art was recently commissioned by a fat-bike owner to create the piece of art you see here. We asked Jeff to let us know about the inspiration for the art as well as a bit about the process. Here are his thoughts on the piece and the process: I wish I […]

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