Much needed Bling by JP Syverud

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I have had many bikes over the years, steel, aluminum, carbon, titanium, even a bamboo one. The one thing I have never had that I have always wanted, was that one special bike part that gets over looked a lot of the time, the custom head badge.  The best craftsman I know that makes these is Jen Green.  I have know about Jen for 6-7 years now, and have followed her online ever since.  I have loved seeing some of her magical creations she comes up.  She has decorated some of the most beautiful award winning bikes at NAHBS for years.  So I decided this year was the year I would get my own piece of custom bling for my trusted steed.

The process was very simple.  I contacted Jen via email and pitched her my idea.  I drew up a logo of what I wanted, and emailed her a pdf.  We agreed upon a price and a few days later she started sending me updates throughout the process.  What I got back from her a week later absolutely blew my mind.  The hardest part about this entire process was deciding what I wanted her to create.  I dug deep into the old brain bag and knew it had to be Yeti related.  After all, it has been a part of my identity for years.

I have been associated with tying my favorite carton character into my riding some how for decades.  “Bumble” the yeti from the classic Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer movie.  I have always strapped toy Bumbles on my bikes.  They were my “Mojo” characters to keep me entertained when conditions got rough.  I could always count on Bumble when the trails turned steep, or the peanut butter gravel set in on a bike-packing trip.  Last year I even had a customized made Bumble head cover for my helmet. So what better way then to have Jen make me a Bumble head badge?   She even took a few pictures along the way of her process so I could document it for the fine distinguished people that read this classy publication.

Jen is a true artist and craftsman.  What else could you expect from a jeweler that rides a Blacksheep bike?  I highly recommend her to make you your own customized masterpiece that you can enjoy forever. So if your ride is missing something get yourself a custom piece made just for you.  Nothing is too crazy. Keep it rad!

You can contact Jen Green by visiting:

Ed. Note :  I’ve got a couple Jen Green Head Badges. She’s really easy to work with and does some amazing work! ~g




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  1. How do you a fix this piece of art securely to the bicycle frame? I’d so hate to lose it.

    • Automotive Trim Tape or they can be affixed with screws, but you’ll need to drill and tap threads into the drilled holes.

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