Mini Review – Kamik Canuck Boots

Fat-bike riding friend, Tony Berger, wrote up this review of his now favorite fat-biking boots, the Kamik Canucks. Thanks, Tony!

OH CRAP The Full Moon Beach Ride is Saturday and it’s slated to be in the 20’s or colder with a serious wind. I forgot to order a decent set of waterproof boots and decide I need to purchase on line and expedite shipping. This is the very first pair of shoes/boots I’ve purchased in my life without trying on first so, needless to say, I’m nervous.

I needed a waterproof boot that will keep my feet warm regardless of time spent in them. The Kamik Canuck stated it was good to -40F, was waterproof to the top strap and, best of all, were very tall as they ride to just below my knee. Seems like a good option especially considering they were made in America by a Canadian company. I throw down my hard-earned money plus shipping and wait in anticipation of their arrival just in time for the full moon ride.

I wore them once before the ride and walked a little more than I usually do on a given day (why walk when you can fat-bike) and they are warm and relatively comfortable even with a thin pair of socks. Traction is great in snow and mud.

Ride Day…er night! It’s kind of cold, the sand is hard and the moon is HUGE lighting most of our entire ride. Better than a dozen riders show up for the event and as the final bit of light disappears we set off for about 20 or so miles of pure beach bliss. For many of the riders, this is their first foray into beach riding so a variety of dressing ideas where floating around. Everything from big boots to clipless riding shoes are present. I’ve done a few beach rides including one full moon ride so I’ve got an idea of what we are about to face. Some hard sand, some soft sand and a few shallow water crossings. There is some ice and slush as well.

What can I say? These boots ROCK! I had riding socks on and the boots cinched tight and am happy to report that they were wonderful. No water got in and my feet remained very warm. They have stupendous traction regardless of the conditions and since the full moon ride, these boots have been my “go to” boot. If I have to run the compost or garbage out I can quickly slide them on, run outside, and take them right off again. I’ve even seen my wife put them on for a quick run to the garage. I’m sure I’ll ride them into the spring with great happiness as they have already served me well on many, many rides since. Bring on another full moon ride! I’m ready.

FWIW, as stated above, I bought these boots with my own hard-earned coin and did not receive and compensation to write this article except the warm, fuzzy feeling of sharing my experience with a GREAT product.


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