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Yann Thomas dropped us an email to announce that he’s starting up a fat-bike frame business in the South of France called Salamandre Cycles. Yann’s first ride on a Fat-Bike took place on the first frame Salamandre he produced……..and it was like he had dreamed it to be!

Yann had this to say about his curvy fat-bike – (read in a french accent)

“I built this bike thinking it would be pleasant to ride at low speed, enjoying the landscape and sometimes take pleasure on downhills. What I didn’t expect at all was to have dynamite between the legs! I ride on very hard terrain with many rocks with sharp edges. On this terrain this bike is not only pleasant, it’s really efficient. The paths I knew became new paths. I didn’t recognise them because I rode much faster than before. On the other hand, at low speed, I went through obstacles I never went through before.”

Salamandre should be up and running in about a month, but in the mean-time you can visit them at –




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  1. Invisible brake lines/cables! Legit. I want some.

    The frame itself looks sweet. I like the bendy lines. I’d be a little concerned with standover, my frequent-fatbiking comrades tell me standover is more important on fatbikes than normal MTB’s. I am still working on my fatbike yet, buying components one piece at a time. Not yet to the frame. This one: Me likey!

    • You’re right. Standover height is too high on this bike. As a matter of fact, I built this frame in the main goal to test my tooling. The shape of the rear end (that was originaly just a testing tube for my dual tube bender) gave the general outline of the frame.

      On the next frames, the geometry won’t be directed by chance but by real needs of the pilot 😉

      The main difference with this one will be laser cut dropouts. I’ll have a few surprises for all of you in about one and half month.


      • Yann,

        Thanks for answering directly. I love the lines on this bike. The stays and all the other tubes look awesome.

        Regarding standover–could you simply invert the curve of the top tube, making it concave instead of convex? I think it would look sharp.

        I checked out your site, it gives my extremely rusty Francais a major workout. I noticed your prices are reasonable, which may make importing one of your frames quite feasible. I’m looking forward to see what you have in store.

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