Wippermann Connex 1R8 Chain

You normally don’t think too much about your chain until it’s giving you problems. And of course, nothing kills a ride quicker than a broken chain and the long walk back to the lot that follows. However, a good, reliable chain buys you piece of mind.  I’ve been putting the Wippermann Connex 1R8 through its paces on my Shimano Alfine IGH equipped Schlick Cycles Northpaw for the past 8 months with zero issues.

The 1R8 is a burly 1/2” x 1/8” reinforced nickel-plated chain that is part of Connex’s Wide Hub Gears line (  The chain also comes with removable spring clips that makes removing the chain (or fixing a broken one should the need arise) pretty easy. Being a 1/2” chain, it’s a pretty beefy and can really stand up to the abuse that an IGH puts on it (it would be great for a single speed as well). It’s seen all kinds of conditions from single track to snow/slush to beach to chocolate pudding gravel and it’s never skipped a beat (get it? skipped a beat!). Even caked in sand and gravel fines it keeps spinning away without issue (spinning away– I’m killing it). Sure it’s a heavy chain, but it’s on a fatbike so I’m not overly concerned, especially considering the kind of abuse my fatbike sees. When this chain wears out (and its going to be a while) I’ll replace it with the same and the piece of mind that goes along with it.

 If you want to have a go with a Wippermann chain, check out our partners at Bikeman or Jenson USA.

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One Response to Wippermann Connex 1R8 Chain

  1. Joboo May 10, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    I’ve been running Wipperman chains for years now.
    Just put a new one on today.
    Peace of mind is a great thing!!!