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A brand new fat bike-dedicated brand, Borealis Bikes has introduced a sleek and extremely light carbon fiber frame and fork to the fat bike world.  Borealis Bikes, a subsidiary of The Fat Bike Company, identified their first bike as the YAMPA.  Company founders stated their goal was simply to have the best and lightest Fat Bike on the market!  Adam Miller, co-owner from Anchorage, Alaska and Fat Bike industry professional, stated “The frame and fork are currently the lightest on the market. We will offer complete stock builds under 25 pounds with standard fat bike configurations.”  The YAMPA exhibits a sleek look, clean graphics and a unique frame configuration.  Rear spacing is set at 190mm –  confirming rumors of a new standard in the industry, which allows for the use of any tire/rim combination with plenty of clearance for a 2×10 drivetrain.  Borealis will also be offering their own lightweight hubs for the YAMPA.

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Production orders of the YAMPA are expected to arrive in late July and preorders are being taken at   Frame sets and custom builds are available in addition to the company’s standard build options.  The Fat Bike Company ( and Borealis Bikes will be exhibiting at Outdoor Demo and Interbike in LasVegas in September and stated there will be enough “YAMPA’s” to go around. We can’t wait to get some time riding this new carbom beauty!

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Some of the Yampa’s Features

  • 190mm Rear Spacing
  • 100mm BB Shell
  • Standard rear rack mounts for cargo racks
  • Tapered Head Tube
  • Internal Cable routing
  • 3 water bottle mounts
  • Clearance for 100mm rims and 4.8″ tires

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  1. I think I just purposely will wet my bed – this bike is a saturated with water dream come true!

  2. OMG. That looks amazing. The finish looks great too. Certainly on my list for my next fatty. Great job

  3. Diggin it! And I totally get the 190mm hub as a necessity but PLEASE stop there with the hub variations! Also those hubs look a lot like some hubs that Muru Sneak peaked today (Eyre Hubs) although no mention of a 190mm, but some good ideas on Axle diameters, 10/15mm convertible I think that is going to be the next trend, going to fatter axles. it’s going to be the natural progression to support the massive wheels. Especially when people really learn what these bikes can do on summer single tracks and really start thrashing them. I for one thrash my fat bike way harder than I ever did to my standard mountain bike. And love every minute of it!

    • why (cheerful) Andy I have *no* idea what you’re talking about…

      Muru *is* actively investigating a 190mm option rear.

      However, our direction for our FATbikes has always been more all purpose/trail/enduro. So while it’s nice to fit monster tyres and rims for beach and desert riding. It’s not our prime focus.

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