Name That Bike!

dsc_0492_revised2Lynskey Performance Designs – Tennessee based, Ti Bicycle maker – One time, fabricator of Fat-Bike frames for Fatback and Salsa – is looking for suggestions on what to re-name their new entry into the fat-bike arena. It seems that the name that you see on the top tube of the bicycle (pictured above) already graces another brand’s beach cruiser, so this american made, titanium fat-hard-tail needs a new moniker!

Try to keep your suggestions safe for the work environment…

We’ve added Lynskey to our growing list of Fat-Bike Manufacturers that appears in the right column of the page. Check it out!

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  1. Lynskey Ti-Minator.

    “I’ll be back…when I done riding my d*mn bike!”

    Arnold may not like that name, so how about:

    Lynskey Ti-Noceros
    Lynskey Wampus
    Lynskey Wampus Cat

  2. Lynskey – “The BOMB”
    Lynskey – “BOMBER”
    Lynskey – “Wild BOAR”
    Lynskey – “GROG”
    Lynskey – “Beastie”
    Lynskey – “GOONIE”

  3. swamp donkey
    slump buster
    chubby buddy
    chubby knuckle
    tons o’ fun
    buffet line
    phatty boom ba latty
    ti fi fo fum

  4. Nice Fatbike. Dont have enough of these in UK 🙁

    How bout ‘Phatt Warthog’ 😀

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