Iceman Expo – Photos – Specialized’s New Ground Control Tire

When I found out that Specialized would have a couple of their new Fatboys with their, much anticipated, Ground Control 26x 4.6 Tires on-board we just had to make our way to Traverse City Michigan to show our readers what was happening at the Iceman Cometh Expo. There was also some really tasty treats from Michigan Companies – 616 Fabrications, Barking Bear Bags and Quiring Cycles – along with Trek, Salsa and Charge. Take the Fat-Tour, fresh from the Iceman Cometh Expo!


Trek Pro-Racer, Emily Batty with the Farley


Charge Cooker Maxi


Vee Tire’s V8 Tire on the Cooker


Scott Quiring’s Personal Rig with a custom Fat-Trailer


Quiring Custom Paint


Barking Bear Bags Sailcloth Frame Bag


Quiring Custom Fat-Trailer


King Headset on the Trailer Pivot


6 one 6 Tri-Tone Belt Drive Fatty


616 Hydro Dipped Beach Camo Fat-Bike


Camo Detail


Salsa’s Carbon Beargrease


Mud Sweat and Gears – Fat-Goods


Specialized’s New Fat Bike Tire – In the Flesh!


The Fatboy will be at your LBS before you know it…


A true 4.6 on the new 100 mm Specialized rims


Specialized Hub & Rim


What Uncle Gomez came to see…


Fatboy in Green


Bike matches the Carpet


Bad Ass Sneaker by Specialized!

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  1. FFF. I was just riding around Traverse City on my Pugs from Chicago. We were doing a biking and brewery tour of Michigan. I didn’t even know this was going on. we could have planned it in reverse to end up there at that time instead. Oh well.

  2. Uncle Gomez,
    Will those tires fit on my Mukluk on a rim that doesn’t exist yet?
    Will it fill my adult diaper with delight?

  3. Damn! I like all that stuff at the expo. Is it me or does Scott Quiring’s personal ride look absolutely HUGE? The tires look like they are like 6 inches wide. He makes some really nice bike frames and is a great guy to talk with. Anyway, gotta go and get a dry shirt! 🙂

  4. well since the bud and lou are bigger and burlier and they fit on new mukluk’s them cute lil spec tires oughta. . . they were gonna be 4.8’s till they came back from the factory and didn’t quite match up with bud and lou. . good if you like less. . from the big red s

  5. I really like the look of those Specialized bikes, but Shimano mineral oil brakes on a fat bike? Really? Has anyone from their California factory ever actually ridden below zero?

    • Here There.

      Waiting for FatBoy – ordered before Christmas – should be here in a week or so I am told.


      I have ridden Specialized Tecktro Mineral Oil Brakes on my 29er RockHopper safely – in minus 46 Celsius weather in Canada. That is about minus 50F. Does that answer your question succinctly?

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