1st French Fat-Bike Rally : Fat Bique 2014

Our amigo and the man behind Salamandre Cycles, Yann, just sent us news from France :

 The first french fat-bike rally : Fat Bique 2014 (bique is the nickname for goat) took place in Ardèche (my own place) from April 4th to 6th. 29 riders and 28 bikes (26 single + 2 tandems). There were small rides on friday and sunday (18 and 24 km) and a long ride (47km) on saturday from the mountain (1400m) to the valley (150m) discovering 4 kinds of rocks (granite, shale, sandstone and limestone) and the corresponding landscapes. Many rocks of all kinds, sun and the smells of the south of France! Lots of fat french food (foie gras, pork, cheese…), very few vegetables and many fruits included in french wine produced Wide Smiles!!! It was the best weekend that I have spent in a long time!

Yann also sent us a few shots of his Pinion geared 5″ fat-bike that he finished right before the Fat-Bique. Yann and his amigos got to put some trail time and tested the new bike at the rally. I know Yann has lots of hours in, riding a fat-bike with a Rohloff internally geared hub and look forward to hearing what he thinks about the new Pinion gear-box. Look for more photos and info soon.

Fat Pinion 4

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