Product Spotlight – Apidura Ultra-Light Cycling Bags

Apidura is a new UK Brand that makes ultra-light cycling bags for bike-packing and we just received three bags from them, to test and share with our readers.

Back Row - Seat Bag ♦ Front Row - Handlebar Accessory Pocket clipped onto a Handlebar Pack

Back Row – Seat Bag ♦ Front Row – Handlebar Accessory Pocket clipped onto a Handlebar Pack

The first thing I noticed about these new bags were the unique fasteners and cool bee hive zipper pulls. We received a Seat Bag along with a handlebar bag and an accessory bag that clips onto the handlebar bag. The seat bag attaches very similar to my Revelate Viscacha Seat bag that I absolutely love.

fatback with apidura bags4

The moment that I stuffed my gear into the new bags last week, it started to rain, but I did grab some photos of Otis all rigged for an overnight.

apidura seat bag

Note the skeletal X shaped connectors on the seat bag. Weight saving taken seriously.

apidura h-bar bag

I’m in need of a solution to raise my light above the handlebar bag. (more on that later in the week). The handlebar bag is integrated into a double ended breathable dry bag. My Oveja Negra Handlebar Bag is like a taco that holds a separate dry bag. The Apidura was easy to mount and stayed out of the way of both my brake levers and my front wheel.

apidurs handlebar bag

The weather was crappy for a few days, so I just rode my errands and bikejoring duties on Otis all loaded. I have to say that Otis rides like a dream fuly loaded. Something to think about, when considering a fat-bizzle.

fatback with apidura bags2

fatback with apidura bags3

Otis at the beach in Port Washington with all the gear, I’d need for a night at the Driftwood!

apidura bags

Finally the skies cleared and all of the stars aligned and I took my first Sub 24 hour overnight, of the season, at Bong Recreation Area….yeah for realz….There’s a Wisconsin State Park near me named the Bong Recreation Area. It’s not named for the Vietnamese word for water pipe. It’s named for an Ace Pilot in the US Air Force. I also threw one of 45NRTH’s new Dillinger 5 tires on the front of Otis for testing, along with on-going evaluations on the RaceFace Atlas pedals, Vee Tire Bulldozer rear tire and the new Paul Components, stem cap light mount! Lots of New Gear!

s240 apidura bags

I love riding a loaded bike. I loved the way that the Apidura bags held their cargo and stayed put, just like they should. I made camp right at dusk. I hung my Hennesey Hammock tent, climbed in and sang the song of my people all night long. Some people call it snoring. I wonder what the forest creatures and night lurking varmints thought of the hairy gnome that wove a cocoon between two trees and then snored with acoustic ferocity all night long.

We’ll keep testing the Apidura Bags and let you know how they hold up over the summer, so stay tuned!

For more information about Apidura and their line of Ultra-Light Cycling Bags visit –


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  1. Bruce May 24, 2015 at 2:06 pm #

    How does the saddle pack compare to the RD Viscacha? Any major improvement?

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