To Surly with Love – The Surly Ice Cream Truck

We wanted to give the Surly Ice Cream Truck a traditional coming out party on the site…. also known as a Product Spotlight. Back at frost-bike we were in a bit of a crunch for time, when we introduced the ICT to you all in the article linked here. Just last week we took temporary possession of one of the latest and almost dead nuts match to the bikes that will grace the show room floors, of better bicycle retailers, later this Summer. We took the ICT into the studio and did a proper photo shoot before turning it over to our test pilots.

surly-ice-cream-truck- 009

The Ice Cream Truck is like totally Bluto compatible. That’s right boys and girls, your new ICT will come with a 150mm front hub and a 15mm thru-axle. That was top-secret info back before Bluto was out of the closet.

surly-ice-cream-truck- 010

Leading up the introduction of the new Ice Cream Truck, Adam and Tyler (from Surly), and I had an email chain going back and forth about what the new bike’s features were going to be and all of that technical jazz that thrill enginerds and bore slackerz (like me). The conversation that ensued is why so many of us heart Surly. American’s love a rebel and they love honesty.

surly-ice-cream-truck- 011

What’s it named and why?

Andy –  It’s named the Ice Cream Truck.  I didn’t come up or decide on the name but I love it because I love Ice Cream, Trucks, and Ice Cream Trucks.

Tyler – Adam came up with the name.  Lots of folks really liked it, cuz of the whole ice cream thing, and some folks really hated it, cuz they said it sounded dumb.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Adam – When I was a kid, my mom told me that the Ice Cream Truck only played its music, when they were out of ice cream. We would sit on the porch and make fun of the kids that ran when they heard the ICT coming. Then about the time that we were picking names for the new bike, I had been in Taiwan, where the garbage trucks play music like an Ice Cream Truck so I threw that name into the hat….told the story about my mom’s misdirection and now we have a bike called the Ice Cream Truck.

surly-ice-cream-truck- 012

What’s in made of?

Andy – Love, steel, aluminum, grease, and rubber, and stickers.
Tyler – Let’s not forget witchcraft. We couldn’t do it without that

When will it be available?

Tyler – We really hope July. So, I don’t know, December?

surly-ice-cream-truck- 013

What is MSRP? Frame & Fork vs. Complete

 Tyler – MSRP for the new Ice Cream Truck – ICT = $2700 – ICT Ops = $2450 – Frameset = $850 (includes fork)

What is the complete build spec?

Tyler – Wheels, brakes, gears, OD crank, handlebars, chain, other (the specifics are still being solidified)

Gomez – Visit the Surly web-site to see the 100% accurate complete bike build list. The latest prototype that we’re testing has Silver Clown Shoes, Bud & Lou, Salsa Stem and Bars, Surly OD Crank, Avid BB7 brakes, SLX shifters, Front & Rear Der. (type 2) and a WTB SST saddle. This is close to the final spec for the complete, but not 100% exact.

surly-ice-cream-truck- 014

How much does the complete weigh?

Tyler – a bit more than the Moonlander, quite a bit less than Andy

Gomez – 37 pounds out of the box – We took it tubeless  = 35 pounds

How much does the frame and fork weigh?

Andy – Frame weight – 18” = 2920g – fork weight 1435 g

What sizes will it come in?

Andy – XS-XXL (14” thru 22” long ((there’s an XL (22” and an XXL 22” long)))

surly-ice-cream-truck- 015

Is this what you get when a Krampus mates with a pugsley or moonlander? If not what sort of animal husbandry would you use to describe your new beast?

Andy –  I’d say it’s what you get when you mate a Moonlander with modern hardtail mtb.

Tyler – did I mention witchcraft?

What hub sizing are you using and is this an offset frame like PUG or ML?

Andy – Hub spacing will be 190/197mm centered. (MDS dropouts mean it’ll be either 197 12mm THRU axle or 190mm QR)

How big of a tire can fit in your new frame and fork?

Andy – The frame will clear 5” tires on a 100mm rim

surly-ice-cream-truck- 016

What kind of riding did you design this bike to do?

Andy – It’s designed so you can ride what you want. It’s slacker and longer than a Moonie, so it’ll handle higher speeds and loose terrain well, but it’s WAY stiffer than a Moonie so it’s more responsive to input, too. It’s meant to be ridden with a shorter stem to keep the front wheel out in front of you rather than under you.

Tyler – It’s a bike, you get up on it, pedal the shit out of it and get off. That’s what it’s supposed to do. Most brands would be painting an allegorical picture of all of the things that this bike will allow you to do. That just isn’t us. Bottom line is that we here at Surly think that all of that is a bunch of shit. The rider is the main ingredient (99%) in what she/he can and can’t do. The bike just picks up the slack. Sure the Krampus makes us all feel like better riders, but the bike ain’t magic. It may make us feel like that, but it doesn’t actually make us like that. The slacked head tube, length, stability and wheel/tire size gives us more confidence, and as you may or may not know, that helps. But it doesn’t make us better. So Ice Cream Truck does many of those same things. Will it make you feel the same way? I don’t know, that’s for you to say.

Our Test Ice Cream Truck in front of Gomez' Krampus

Our Test Ice Cream Truck in front of Gomez’ Krampus

How does this bike compare to Pug or ML?

Andy – It’s a slacked out and centered with a 44mm headtube, stiffer tubes, MDS dropouts, and pressfit BB. This all adds up to longer, way stiffer, and a bit heavier.

What is the wing speed of a swallow?

Andy – Faster than a used car salesman, slower than a hummingbird.
Tyler – african or european?

ice cream truck sticker surly


So there you have it kids! The Surly Ice Cream Truck, up close and personal……well up close any way. Our man Colin has had this test bike between his legs for a week and in another two weeks of riding we should have a pretty good idea of how this new bike from Surly rides and that’s when we’ll give you the personal side of the ICT. Till then, enjoy the pictures and the wisdom that this bike thing is…and always will be…..99% the rider….so ride what you like and like what you ride!

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  1. Will May 27, 2014 at 10:24 am #

    Interesting… I had assumed the spec was pretty much finalized. In any case, I’ve got one on order. Though the BB7’s would be a downgrade from the SRAM Guides the website lists, I might be happier with them anyway. If they’re going to go hydro, wish they’d go Shimano.
    Other than that, looking good. Well except the potential December delivery date. But oh well, what can ya do.

    • Gomez May 27, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

      The specs on the Surly Web-Site are correct – our test-bike is not 100% correct.

      • Will May 27, 2014 at 1:16 pm #

        Ah ok, interview made it sound like it wasn’t certain yet.

  2. Larry May 28, 2014 at 5:47 pm #

    Totally off the above subject, but I would love to know the story behind each of the Surly frame names.

  3. Jerry de May 31, 2014 at 12:20 am #

    Will the new bluto in the 120 travel work with the ict. That is the fork I’m putting on it.

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