BKB Ti Proto ({[SPY PHOTO!]})

Jesse LaLonde's Ti Prototype fat-bikeDeep in the bowls of the Bare Knuckle Brigade testing bunker and laboratories – {The BKB Speed Factory}, they’ve been developing a new race bike for Jesse. We have a photo of the v1.0 prototype. This was leaked by sources very close to the LaLonde brothers and their (not so very secret) bike riding squad called theĀ Bare Knuckle Brigade. I must say…. the new ride looks smashing! (for best effect – read that whole bit in an english accent)

On Saturday Jesse LaLonde Raced the new proto in theĀ Mount Borah Epic Mountain Bike Race against a stacked field and came in Fifth, ten minutes back from the winner. This wasn’t in the “fat-bike” category. Fat-Bike = Fast Bike, ala choy!



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2 Responses to BKB Ti Proto ({[SPY PHOTO!]})

  1. Craig Smith June 2, 2014 at 9:46 am #

    Awesome bike!
    Did Jesse ride this bike at the first (2013) Mt. Borah Epic?
    Because he finished (a respectable and fast!) 5th in the 2014 race. I was volunteering at the “00” Feed Station (17 miles in) and saw Jesse come in on a Fat-Bike a few minutes behind the lead group of four. (We always cheer a little more for Fat-Bike riders)

    • Drew June 2, 2014 at 5:43 pm #

      Jesse did not race fat in 2013 and he came within inches of winning that year…

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