Foto Gordo – FYF-GFBD-EVE!



We get to share some really cool stuff here, but Global Fat-Bike Day really seems to bring out the very best of fun on bikes, from all around the world. This shot was sent to us from Greenland from Jesper Regin Christensen and it contains real GFBD Holiday Magic!

Hi Gomez

I talked to the other fatbiker that I know of here in Nuuk, Greenland, and we decided to make our ride a part of the GFBD on saturday. Rumor has it that there might be another fattie in town, and we hope to lure it out on saturday 🙂

Attached photo by: Mira Lang Sørensen

J e s p e r R e g i n C h r i s t e n s e n

Wishing you all the Best Global Fat-Bike Day Ever!

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