2017 Fat-Bike Holiday Gift Guide

This year we polled the folks that write the reviews and produce the podcasts, that we publish here at fat dash bike dot com. It stands to reason, that they’re all experienced fat-bikers and our group has a wide variety of riding styles and habits, so I think what they may want….could be what you (or the fat-biker on your gift list) might enjoy. I asked them to pick one item, that they’d want to find under the tree on fatbikerxmas.  The resulting list is the Fat-Bike 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

fat-bike christmas

Travis (T-Bone) Hubbard – Travis rides a Fatback Skookum and is currently serving a life sentence as our Fatbassador to the Great State of Alaska. Travis is on assignment with a Salsa Mukluk review.

Backcountry Stitch Works custom frame bag ($165 – $250) for my Fatback Skookum. – https://www.facebook.com/BackcountryStitchWorks/

Sram Eagle XX1 drivetrain so I can go uphill even slower than I already do. – https://www.sram.com/sram/mountain/family/xx1-eagle#sm.00019742ujajofa7113y2354kkmz9


Bruce Smithhammer  – Bruce Rides a Salsa Bkackborow out in Idaho and is working on a story about Grand Targhee Resort.

HED/Industry Nine “Big Rig 975” carbon wheelset. ($2,750) – https://industrynine.com/fatbike/big-rig-975-carbon


Aristotle Peters – I don’t think Aris has a personal fat-bike currently, however, Kona is sending us a 2018 WoZo, that he’ll be testing this winter.


Giro Switchblade Helmet ($250) to have more protection and warmer ears – http://www.giro.com/us_en/switchblade/


Nick Holzem – Nick joined us this year and look out for this cat, he likes to ride fast and has the skills to send it. Nick’s personal fatty is a Trek Farley.

Bar Mitts Winter Bot Neoprene Water Bottle Enclosure ($30), 2 of em, I’m thirsty. – http://www.barmitts.com/products.php?page=winterbot


Ron Stawicki : aka the Ronsta – Ron’s personal Fat-bike is a Surly Wednesday and he’s currently reviewing a pair of Surly Edna tires.

World peace, and a Surly Sunrise handlebar ($60) – http://surlybikes.com/parts/handlebars/sunrise_handlebar


JP – JP is another Surly Wednesday owner, but that’s this week. He has a tendency to change bikes with unusual frequency. JP is slated to test a Ski-Pulk as soon as the snow flies.

Snow In Wisconsin and a new pair of 45NRTH Wolfgars ($450) – http://45nrth.com/products/wolfgar?products/footwear/wolfgar


Andy Amstutz – Andy Rides a Quiring Judas Goat and is the Co-Host of the Fat Camp Podcast.

Nite Rider  Lumina OLED 1100 Boost light ($100) – https://www.niterider.com/product/lumina-1100-boost/


Spinner Ryerson – Spinner rides a Surly Big Fat Dummy, Moonlander, and an albino Surly Pugsley. He’s just finished a review of the 2018 Surly Krampus and is the free radical element on the Dose of Fat Podcast.

1upUSA 1.25″ Quik Rack Single ($299-$349) – https://www.1up-usa.com/product-category/bike-racks/


Euan Pennington – Euan’s our Fatbassador to Australia and I have no freak’n idea what kind of fat-bike he rides, but I know he races vintage high wheelers, and that’s pretty rad!

Almost anything from the Exposure Lights catalogue would make me happy…https://exposurelights.com/


Robberto – Rob is our newest test pilot and rides an Advocate Watchman. Rob is part of a three pilot test panel, that will be reviewing the Specialized Fatboy Expert.

G.H. Mesier Co – Meiser Accu-Gauge Dial Pressure 15Psi  ($25) – https://www.ghmeiser.com/bicycle-gauges.htm


Ken Blakey-Shellaka : KBS – Ken is the Co-Host of the Fat Camp Podcast and might have as many as three or four Quiring fat-bikes

Spot Gen3 so I can go on bigger adventures without freaking people out ($150) – https://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=100


Evan LarSSon – Evan rides a Surly Pugsley and is the Executive Director of the Black Ribbon Radio Hour. He joins Rob, as part of a three pilot test panel looking into the Specialized Fatboy Expert. I think he’s also working on a hoopty Oddity handlebar review.

Smith Vantage Brain Bucket with MIPS ($260) – https://www.smithoptics.com/us/Root/Men’s/Helmets/Snow/Vantage/p/H16-VAMBSMMIPS/sizeVariants?akamai-feo=off


Julioaka : Julio dot com – Julio rides a Schlick Northpaw and just finished testing a 509 Cycles Jabit (29+) and is the HMFIC of the Specialized Fatboy Expert Test Panel.

Revelate Designs Mag-Tank ($59) – https://www.revelatedesigns.com/index.cfm/store.catalog/cockpit/Magtank

Single Group Head Slayer espresso machine ($8000) – http://slayerespresso.com/machine/single-group-espresso/


Jeff Priceaka : summittoppler – Jeff rides a Salsa Mukluk and hosts our new monthly series, Bivvy Club, where he’ll be testing all kinds of bikepacking gear over in the UK.

A Becker Sewing & Design full frame bag ($250$350) for more bikepacking in 2018 – http://www.beckergear.com/

Leiaaka: the Ice Queen – Leia might be the fastest of our test pilots and she rides a 23 pound Salsa Beargrease – HED Wheels (Natch!). Nick might be faster, but it’d be a good race. Leia is also the Star of the Dose of Fat Podcast. Leia went up north and missed out on telling us what she wants for X-mas, So she gets stuck with Chemical Toe Warmers. Buy them in bulk and put them in every Christmas Card that you send to an outdoors person (wait that might constitute hazardous material), but hey…..they make great stocking stuffers!

David Krueger – Dave rides a Borealis Aspen Crestone out in Western New York State. Dave just moved to Rochester NY, along the shore of Lake Ontario, where the Lake Effect Snowmachine deposits a daily gift, and sometimes a three-day sixty-inch dump that should make for some splendid fat-biking! Dave is/was the backbone, or perhaps, the endocrine system of the Black Ribbon Radio Hour. Dave’s about to give birth to his review of that Aspen Crestone….any day now.

Smith I/OX ChromaPop goggles ($200) – https://www.smithoptics.com/us/Root/Men’s/Goggles/Snow/I-OX/p/IL7CPSNCB18?akamai-feo=off

Crazy Chris Daisy – Chris rides a Salsa Beargrease and is the part-time host of the Black Ribbon Radio Hour, in charge of audio, editing, staging, gnomes and is the music director for both the Black Ribbon Radio Hour, as well as, the Dose of Fat Podcast. Chris also owns Zion Cyclery

I’m still running stock wheels, so I’m going big. I want I9 torch hubs (ano blue) $590 with Whisky carbon rims $500 ( not the lightest, but bomb proof) and white Sapim Xray spokes!

Uncle Gomez – I ride a Fatback Corvus and help out here and there, in and around the Colonel Steve Austin Fat-Bike Test Bunker. When I think about riding in cold weather, I think about Head, Hands, and Feet. So here are a few things that I’ve found helpful to stay nice and warm during winter rides.

Ibex Merino Wool – Bicicleta Cycling Cap ($40) – https://www.ibex.com/the-bicicleta-cycling-cap

The New and Improved Revelate Designs Williwaw Pogies – ($120) – https://www.revelatedesigns.com/index.cfm/store.catalog/handlebar/WilliwawPogies

FITS Socks are my favorite brand of Merino Wool Socks. When they say over the calf, they really mean that they fit over big bulging muscular calves. ($26) – https://www.fitssock.com/collections/men/products/medium-ski-apex-otc?variant=30955599239


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