First Look – SkiPulk Fatbike Pulk  – By JP Syverud


Our friends at SkiPulk sent us their new Fatbike Pulk kit to review and put through its paces. The owner of SkiPulk, Grant, was insistent that the fat-bike pulk get tested by someone that would take it winter camping and that requirement fits in nicely with the Bivvy a Month Challenge that I’ve decided to give a go. In addition to some overnight camping adventures, the sled will get some time out on Lake Mendota, ice fishing. That means pan-fried bluegills for supper! The kit that we’re testing includes the original orange Paris Expedition pulk, a set of poles, a seat post adaptor hitch, and a black Paris duffle bag to store gear securely inside the pulk.

My initial impression is that this system is built for my kind of adventuring.  It looks absolutely bombproof.  I’m betting that the SkiPulk Fatbike Pulk will survive any situation I can throw at it. One area of concern is the way that the hitch attaches to the seat post. The hitch clamps around the seat post, as you can see in the photo below. The Thomson post on my Wednesday should fair better than a featherweight carbon post like Uncle Fred rides! This is something that we’ll keep a close eye on during testing.

Ed Note -We checked with Grant from SkiPulk and he said that they had a customer that successfully used the hitch on a carbon seat post. Grant shared that they currently do not have a recommended torque setting for the hitch’s clamp bolts. SkiPulk recommends that you take extra care when tightening the hitch to any seat post.

Here is what SkiPulk says about their Fatbike Pulk and some specs:

“Let the snow carry your load by pulling your gear behind your Fat Bike.  A convenient way to haul your gear, you can pull the weight behind you instead of on your bike to allow for greater stability.  The Fat Bike Pulk Hitch also allows you to bring gear such as a hot tent setup that you may not otherwise be able to carry.  The Fat Bike Hitch comes with a variety of spacers to fit any seat post size.”

Here is what is included in the Fatbike Pulk kit I received:

Ÿ Paris pulk: Bright orange color.  It measures 59”x19”x6”.  It is vacuum molded from 1/8” high-density polyethylene.  It weighs approximately 5 pounds.

Ÿ Poles: 6-foot long fiberglass poles with aluminum ends.  The set of two poles weighs approximately 2 pounds and 6 ounces.

Ÿ Paris Duffle Bag: Black duffle bag.  It measures 48”x12”x15”.  It has approximately 8,640 cubic inches of storage space.  It is constructed of 600-denier water-resistant nylon.  It has a full-length #10 heavy-duty YKK zipper.  It weighs approximately 1.75 pounds.

Ÿ Hitch: The Fatbike hitch measures 15.5”x1”x1”. It is made of stainless steel. It weighs approximately 3.5 pounds.

How much wood, would a skipulk pull, if a skipulk could pull wood?

I look forward to testing this in multiple snow conditions in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review after I have towed one thousand beers out to checkpoint six at the Legs and Liver Giver (among other things)!

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