Wallpaper Wednesday – 5/30/18


JohnClimber aka John Moore is a legacy contributor to the site. This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday features John’s Titanium Traverse Fat-Bike on Formby Beach. I’ve seen photos of this Antony Gormley sculpture many times before I looked up the artist. Click that link if you want to see more of Gormley’s sculptures. I enjoyed quite a few of his works. Thanks to John and all of the fat-bike tribe over in the UK for embracing…hell, maybe inventing four season fat-bikes! Las bicis gordas para siempre!

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  1. Richard June 3, 2018 at 7:13 am #

    Avid BB7s with Hope floating rotors – when the pads wear, do the removal tabs on the pads foul the float bolts on the rotors? Or is there a magic answer?

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