Product Spotlights: 45nrth Ragnarok boots and Torvald Jacket


The seasons are changing, and 45nrth, recently released their new transition season gear. Included in this new transition gear are the Rangarok Reflective boots and Torvald Jacket.

The Ragnarok Reflective Boots:

The Ragnarok  Reflective Boots are designed to endure the cool and wet weather, that comes with the seasons shifting into fall. These water-resistant, moisture regulating boots offer a comfortable fit. They come in sizes 36 to 50.

I will be testing size 47, which 45nrth sent my way after I figured out my size using their footwear sizing assistant.

The boots feature BOA technology, in the place of laces. I have used BOA technology on ski boots, and am excited to see how it performs on these boots.

The boots are also composed of an antislip glass membrane sole for protection. The sole is designed to interface with a 2-bolt cleat. The reflective finish of these boots paired with the neoprene ankle is designed to keep riders warm and safe through the transition season. This boot is designed for 25F+/-3C+

The Torvald Jacket:

The Torvald Jacket is the second item I will be testing from the 45nrth Transition Season line.

This bright jacket is constructed of “tightly woven main panels provide weather resistance without weight & bulk.” The side panels allow ventilation and are designed to “allow excess heat & sweat to escape while allowing for movement.” The asymmetric zipper offset adds additional comfort, as it prevents chin rub.

Along with the bright color, the jacket has heat transfer reflective logos, for additional visibility.

The Torvald Jacket has a zippered pocket in the rear, which can come in handy on any ride.

This jacket is light, yet helps keep you warm as the seasons change. It is designed for 45F+/7C+ yet it weighs only 45gs!

I look forward to reviewing these two products from 45nrth’s new Transition Line as the seasons begin to change, here in the Tetons. I especially love the thought of having something between a cycling shoe and my 45nrth Wolvhammer winter cycling boot.

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