Wallpaper Wednesday – Skipton in the Mist

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This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from Bob Wightman. The shot was taken near Skipton on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal in the north of England. Here’s what Bob had to say about this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday

Autumn is starting to show its hand here in the UK and there was a mist in the valley one morning. Before the sun burnt it away I grabbed this shot as I rode along the canal.

The bike (and frame bag as it happens) are both prototypes. The bike is a Singular Puffin that I bought second hand. It’s fitted out with carbon forks, 80mm Mulefut rims on Industry Nine hubs and, at the moment, 45Nrth Vanhelgas. Bars are On-One Marys but will be swapped for Jones SG Risers in due course. The frame bag is a Wildcat Snow Leopard (I bought the bike and bag from Ian Barrington whose wife runs Wildcat), it is mounted using the bottle cage and cable routing bosses so it’s easier to leave it on the bike.

We don’t get much reliable snow around us so it’s either trips to Scotland or to the beach or the occasional inappropriate trip just to wind people up – heading off with a group on full-sussers is always a laugh.

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  1. A beautiful image. Right place, right time.
    Have you noticed how weird the waterways get on (above) the canal spur behind Skipton Castle? I was very confused for a while.

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