2018 Holiday Gift Guide by – Tio Gomez


We’ve done a few of these holiday gift guides over the years. In the past, we’ve had our testers chime in with what they wanted as gifts and we’ve done the ‘what’s the hottest new bike’ thing, so this year you get what a grumpy old gomez thinks the fat-biker on your gift list would want for the Holidays. A gift list for the old fart that has everything. Practical gifts for the person that’s always the hardest to delight with the perfect present. We’re kinda late with this, so maybe this is a list for the procrastinators or maybe you’ll see something here to pick up after the holidays when the sales hit.

In true grumpy old man fashion, we’ll start out with the foundation of keeping your extremities (that’s your head, hands & feet) warm.

The Human Head

The Stormy Kromer – Made in da UP of Michigan and ready to last a lifetime. If your feet are cold put a hat on (or get off of your bike and hike for a while). More here –

The Hand that Rocks the Fat-Bike

Wolftooth Singletrack Pogies are a Gnomie Award winner and allow lower 48 riders to ride in a thin pair of gloves most of the winter. They can be installed and removed very quickly and easily. I ride in a pair of gloves rated for 40 F in these down to about 20 F and my hands are perfectly warm.  –


Nothing beats a quality pair of socks and my current favorite pair is made by Filson. The thickness and the cushioning of their merino wool blend is pure luxury. Machine wash and dry make for easy care. Check it out – Filson XC Outdoorsman Socks –

The other brand of socks that I love is FITS. If you have a grumpy person that might enjoy a quality pair of merino wool socks that fit extremely well (men’s & women’s sizes) FITS Socks –


Every grumpy old man knows the advantages of a nice pair of slacks yet also continuously seeks the comfort of a good old fashioned pair of sweatpants. Well, the (appropriately named) Old Man Winter Pants from Bontrager combines the good looks of a nice pair of slacks with high tech elements and the all day long comfort of sweatpants. Socks, knickers and a pair of OMW Pants will get you out there on the bike down to the single digits in comfort and style –

….but what about that spot between my balaclava and my nipples uncle gomez?

I’m glad you asked. The Shemagh is a unique scarf that has been a part of Middle Eastern culture for a long time. Not just for a few hundred years, rather it’s been around for a thousand plus years! If you make one out of cashmere it’ll keep any chills from entering your neck hole. This one is from Prometheus Design Works –

…and a Bag to put it all in

Winter Cycling requires a lot of gear. More gear than the average gym bag is designed to handle so the folks at Mountainsmith designed a bag to carry your boots and all of your extra warm gear and accessories. I have an older version of this bag and I use it on all of my winter bike trips. They call it the Cycle Cube –

Happy Holidays from your friends at!

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