The Danger Gnome Podcast – Roctober 2019

The DGP welcomes two Special Guest(s) – First up, from the hit show – The Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival – Mr. Gary Crandall and later in the show – Fatback Pro Adventure Cyclist (Packrafter) Liz Sampey! Plus we ‘Ask Adam’ about race tires and the Hosts of the Grand Funduro Beach Ride and Ball update everyone on all of the latest news about the upcoming festival.

Gary Crandall

The Cable Beer and Gear Brigade
Phil Van Valkenberg & Gary Crandall at the 1st Grandview Firehouse 50. Phil helped the GV Fire Dept set up the event in 1980.

‘Ask Adam’

World of Bikes – Iowa City, Iowa –


NOVEMBER 1 thru 3, 2019

Elizabeth Sampey

Grand Funduro Beach Ride & Ball VIP Contest Winner!

Huzzah!!! Mike Glodowski is the WINNER of our Grand Funduro Beach Ride and Ball – VIP Contest! Huzzah!!!

Is there something or someone that you think we should explore via our mobile podcast studio? Do you have suggestions on how I might quit saying ‘um’ so much or maybe some tips on how to perambulate with a rockabilly 4/4 rhythm? I probably need a music teacher and a speech therapist. I’d love to hear from you folks out there in listener-land. Please feel free to send us a picture postcard or an email and let us know what’s up in your area code for fat bike events, trail shenanigans, gnome lore or even samsquantch sightings. My email is – try to put danger gnome or DGP or even just gnomes in the subject line.

If you’re looking for extra fat-bike juju points, you might include a mailing address and the gnomes down in the mailroom will send you out some cool stickers for your toolbox or coinpurse. #goatsquatchgnome

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