A salute to Athenas & Clydesdales

I’ve been looking for a way to express my thoughts about how popular culture looks at people with a BMI of 30 or more. I’ve always thought that we should look at the heavier cyclist the same way that we look at singlespeeders. So I’d just like to take this opportunity to say to everyone that rides a bike and appreciates fun with bikes – “nice work out there people. Way to kick ass n’stuff!” But with a special salute to the folks that ‘go big’ every time they ride!

We’ve been given a pretty unique opportunity to contribute some input about what we’d like to see in a line of cycling apparel for Clydesdales and Athenas. Our new apparel editor Greg Gentle is the architect behind this project. Here’s what Greg had to say about the new line.

Clydesdale?  Athena? We’d love your feedback.

I know…those terms are not acceptable to many.  The goal here is not to offend, but to highlight a problem in our bike culture. Many riders don’t fit the “industry standard” for body types. It has been our observation in bike shops and online retailers, that the cycling apparel market doesn’t cater to bigger riders.   And as a result, it is difficult to find cycling and performance apparel that fits well and looks good. 

I’m working with a group on a product line to address this problem. We’d like your input to help us shape the direction of a new performance apparel line focused on serving the needs of athletes that don’t fit the mold.  If you identify with this problem, we’d like your feedback to help us shape the direction of our work. 

Please take a moment to complete this short survey – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PGPVQN8

Consider sharing with friends or on your social networks if you have others in your bike gang that might be interested in helping us bring a new product line on-line.

Let us know what you think in the comments…

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  1. YES, YES! As someone who is shunned universally by clothing manufacturers, me being not only portly but also short, would throw my full weight behind such a project!

    Come on, my last 2 pairs of Hoss MTB shorts will only hold out for so much longer!

    • Erv we’re trying to get some products out for next spring. Our goal is to have 3 jerseys ready to go to market in 2020 followed by a pair or two of shorts. Drop me a line if you want to share more about what you’re looking for in a product! I’m at ggentle@fat-bike.com. Cheers!

      • Excited to hear some Clydesdale options as there are not many. A critical part of cycling gear often ignored by cycling companies is headwear. Winter cycling caps for large Clyde noggins are impossible to find. Another would be A cycling specific vest for clydes.

  2. It doesn’t get any easier for real lanky guys either. Most bike gear I wear is XXL and at 6’5” tall,188lbs even my bike jacket fits like a second skin.

    • Allroy you’re hitting on one of the key points we hope to address with this venture! Thanks for the comment here. If you want to connect directly about your experience finding performance apparel for 6’5″ dudes I’d like to hear from you. Drop me a line to ggentle@fat-bike.com

  3. Being a Clyde and experiencing the gasps of fellow riders, after a successful (no dab) technical ascent, is priceless… especially when they assume that my fattie is an ebike…badge of courage baby…Boo yah!

    • Tom I love seeing these comments. I hope you took the brief moment to give us some feedback on th survey. If you want to connect directly with me about your experience trying to find the right fit shoot me an email to ggentle@fat-bike.com.


  4. Had heard of clydesdales, but never heard the term “Athena” to describe my bicycling body type. Love it! Shared the article so that all of my Athena and Clydesdale cycling friends on Facebook will hopefully take the survey!

    • Thanks for the reply here Jean. I really appreciate the comment. We’re wrestling with a brand name for our company. I was told “Athena” is not an appropriate term to refer to larger female athletes. Love to get more perspective from you if you’re willing. You can contact me directly at ggentle@fat-bike.com. Cheers!

  5. Jeeeeeeeeeesus! This makes me so happy. I’m an avid cyclist, that if you looked at me, you would think I spend all day sitting at home eating cheetos in my underwear (which, come on, who doesn’t?). Seriously, though. I put on more km in a week than all of my coworkers combined (and I work at a bike company), and still have to feel like I (and inherently we, because I am not unique or isolated in my experience) am the odd one out, and I’m not a “real” cyclist.

    I’ve always had trouble finding performance clothing that a) I want and has the features I want and b) fits, or comes in a size remotely close to fitting me, let alone comfortably. I would love to have a solution for everyone my size, who enjoys getting outdoors.

  6. As a stubby-legged rider with a beer belly….I applaud this effort.
    5’4″ and a shape described as “round”. Bike cloths are waaaay too tight or the sleeves/legs are waay too long.

  7. Whoops! Forgot to talk about “fit” for quality, clyde-ware apparrel. Yep…I adapt husky boy (often poorly made) sports gear minus the padded lyrca shorts as liners to baggies…but definitely max out the seems most cycling clothes brands. So filling the niche market with well-made, reasonable, cost price-points would be supported by my hard-earned, often meager monthly budget.???? At least, until I finally shed more lbs to move to smaller sizes????

  8. Me being a rather large Clydesdale rider. It is very hard to find stuff that fits because I am 6’2” in the morning. I have the torso of a man that is 6’5” and the legs of a man that is 5’8”. I need big man sizes in tall man jerseys. So far the only company I find that makes their stuff true to fit is Aerotech. While I love there stuff it gets a little pricey for being a small market. So I am looking for fit and good price.

  9. GREAT!!! This seems like exactly what I am looking for. At 6’1″ and 250 I find stuff that “works” but doesn’t really fit….. Hope to hear from you soome about your spring 2020 line.

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