My new favorite shorts – Gore C7 Two in One Bibs

The past six months, Jeff Price and I had the opportunity to spend some quality time riding Gore’s new C7 shorts. Summitoppler Jeff’s review of the C7’s is here. I’ve been wearing a couple of pairs of a different version of the Gore C7 line of shorts. The Two in One C7 Bib combines the luxurious C7 ventilated liner with a baggy over-short. These babies have become my favorite pair of bike shorts!

I’ve long been a fan of padded bike shorts and bibs are my go-to choice when it comes to wearing lycra cycling shorts. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I wear some kind of shorts over the bibs. The Gore Two in One C7 bib shorts combine those two garments into one.

The C7 liner has large mesh panels that keep things from getting overheated and the chamois is ultra-comfy. Gore uses a windproof layer in their shorts over the old family jewels to keep them from catching a draft. There are also three pockets sewn into the liner. The pocket on the back of the bib is a little too high for me to access without putting myself into a hammer-lock, but the two stretchy pockets sewn into the quad area of each leg make up for it with a truly functional pocket space that’s tailor-made for my key-fob or an energy bar. The pocket is large and stretchy enough to hold a large smartphone.

The shoulder straps of the bibs are really nice. They feel soft and extra stretchy compared to other bibs that I’ve worn. This makes them feel very comfortable. They fit like a nice pair of regular shorts. You can hardly tell that you’re wearing bibs.

photo by Ward Whitmire

The outer short is a lightweight polyester blend that is nice and stretchy. This allows the shorts to cooperate with the full range of dancing on the pedals. The outer shorts don’t have any pockets. At first, I thought that would bother me, but the liner pockets and the great fit and feel of these bibs silenced those thoughts in short order.

photo by Randy Pulk

I started with a pair of all-black C7 2 in 1’s and about half-way through summer purchased a second pair (a size smaller) in dynamic cyan and black. When you buy something and then come right back and buy it again, it’s a pretty clear indicator of how much I liked these shorts. They’ve become my favorite pair of bike shorts. They’re the pair that I try to make sure that I have packed on a big trip (like Washington) or events like Spacegnomes or the Hibernator 100.

photo by Spinner Ryerson

I’ve run these shorts through a dozen or more laundry cycles and they look like they’re new. I machine washed the shorts in cold water and line dried them. I like these things so much that I still wear the black pair that are too big since I’ve lost some weight.

photo by Ward Whitmire

The integrated over-short is the best pair of ‘courtesy moose knuckle cloaking device’ that I own. The other over-shorts that I wear over regular bibs have a tendency to slip down or get all cattywampus especially if the bibs underneath are made from slippery material. The C7 two in one bib shorts provide a nice balance between ventilation and wind/water resistance that translates into an extremely comfortable ride short from 95-60 degrees F. This is a really good “pro-level” pair of bibs from Gore!

I give the Gore C7 Two in One Bib Shorts the “Gmomeproof Gear” Seal of Approval!

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