New 2020 – Bontrager Wavecel Helmet Lineup

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Our amigos at Bontrager have announced their 2020 Wavecel helmet line up and I’m testing their new Rally MTB Helmet. I can wear the new Wavecel helmet because the new Rally comes in XL! Hurray for helmet makers that make helmets for humans with large craniums! Bontrager takes safety to a whole new level with Wavecel Technology. ThWavecell material creates a small crumple zone to cushion the blow and prevent potential injury to your brain.

Our Senior Product Analyst and Fatbassador to the Rocky Mountains, Julio Dot Com, reviewed Bonty’s Specter Wavecel Helmet last summer and has been rocking a Blaze MTB Wavecel helmet because he liked the roadie helmet so much.

Last week we received an XL Rally Wavecel helmet and I’ve been wearing it on all of my usual bicycle excursions. I wondered if the Wavecel matrix would allow for enough ventilation, but on one of the rare warm weather rides, that I got to enjoy in the last week, I found the Rally to be quite airy and cool. I also got to “enjoy” some rides out in the rain this past week. The photo (right) shows me wearing a thin wool hat and a Gore hood under the rally in the middle of an all-day rain (under a bridge like a troll). The XL is roomy and allows me to wear a hat underneath! The Boa adjustment snugs it up and makes for a comfortable fit. The strap adjustments are also what you would expect from a top-shelf cycling helmet. The strap splitter adjustment has a cam-lock that makes positioning that junction just below the ear, a snap. Just be careful not to catch your earlobe in the cam-lock (like I did – that smarts).

I like to keep a fresh helmet on my noggin in hopes that I can keep a few brain cells functioning. I’m going to wear the Rally this Summer as my MTB Helmet because you only get one brain. I’ll probably even come back with some sort of review with how many gnomes it earns, etc. If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind Wavecel Technology visit

For more information about Bontrager Wavecel Helmets visit –

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  1. I’m confused here.
    Saw this article and was excited to see a cool looking helmet that would fit my very large head so I went to the Bontrager site for more info but this helmet in an XL size isn’t listed.
    Went on chat and I was told that it appears this helmet in XL doesn’t exist that the Wavecell helmet in XL is the Starvos.

    • My helmet is labeled an L but it fits my 65mm circumference head. The Starvos Wavecel Helmet comes in XL. Sorry for the confusion.

      • That’s huge for a large size. I too have a 65cm circumference head and I can usually find only a couple of helmets to fit. I’ve ordered a Starvos in XL. Just waiting for it to arrive.

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