Teravail Coronado 29×2.80 Tanwall Tire Review

About eighteen months ago we took possession of a set of 29×2.80 Teravail Coronado tires. You might say that this was the set of tires that started the thought process that gave birth to the new set of Bike Nerd inspired 35mm (id) wheels. This is what I closed our first article about the tires with.

I’ve probably put 50-60 miles on our pair of Coronados and they roll very easy and fast on the local gravel. I think that I’m going to enjoy riding this pair of mixed terrain plus tires from now until the snow flies. We’ll probably be back with a full review of this set of sneakers. Then again, we might write a power ballad inspired by the rock stylings of Michigan native, Bob Seger about them…only time will tell.

I’m back to tell you that rock is not dead, and that these tires ROCK! I spent time on a set of Coronados when I was writing about the Bearclaw Beuax Jaxon and wrote this about the effect of these tires on that sweet bike.

There’s something special about this bike and that special feeling was most evident when it had the Teravail tires mounted. Something about those taller and wider tires really makes the BJ rock the casbah! The smaller tires seemed to tame the ride down, but with the Coronados mounted the Beaux Jaxon felt rambunctious.

I established that the Coronados felt like they rolled nice and fast on a multitude of surfaces, but this spring, I’ve been able to spend some quality time riding them on dirt. I didn’t have very much confidence that the Coronados would perform well on dirt singletrack and I haven’t fallen in love with the tanwall trend in tires these days. In my mind, I had profiled these sneakers to be a great multi-surface tire, which somehow meant that they couldn’t be a kick ass dirt tire. Well, I was wrong. On our buff, black dirt trails these tires rip! The only chink in their armour would be that they don’t shed mud as well as a tire with a wider spaced tread pattern does, but mud riding is quite rare on our trails so i don’t really see that as very consequential.

I could tell that I really like these tires, when it came time to test another set of 29 (almost) plus tires. I felt remorse when I had to switch. I tried to take solace in the fact that the new tires have black sidewalls, but those “feelings” illustrate just how far the Teravails had moved the needle. A couple of mi amigos have expressed to me that the Teravail 29×2.80 Coronados were their Favorite 29+ tire. I’m not ready to go there, but I think that these tires are on the podium. Any tire that I review with tanwalls or huge hot stamps on the sidewall will receive a mandatory full tenth of a gnome deduction

4.75 Gnomes out of 5

The Coronados do come with black sidewalls and that’s just my personal preference for how the tire looks. What really matters is how the tire rides. When it comes to the ride…The sweet spot on these tires is a mile wide. From chip and seal roads to buff dirt the Coronado delivered FUN with a Capitol “F”!


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  1. John Noonan January 19, 2021 at 11:47 am #

    Hello, I am due for some new tires on my Surly ECR and am debating between the 29+ Knard or the 29+ Coronado. The ECR is a mountain touring bike, so I worry a little about the 2.8 sitting lower than the 3.0 with my lower bottom bracket. Also, I ride the ECR in a lot of places where the bike is overkill, but I just love the bike. Do you think that the Coronado would be a good fit for an ECR that probably sees paved trails 45 to 50% of the time? It would not be any more ridiculous than the Knards seeing that kind of riding I assume.

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