Wallpaper Wednesday – “Zandmotor” in Monster

Olivier Descamps sent in this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. His picture was taken last Monday evening at the “Zandmotor” in Monster, The Netherlands. The Zandmotor is a place where the Dutch try to lengthen the beach and shoreline as a coastal defense by pumping sand onto the beach. The coastline around the Zandmotor is constantly changing. His bike is a 2016 Cube Nutrail Pro with a Vee Tire Apache Fatty Slick on the rear and a Vee Tire Mission Command on the front. Olivier added, “It’s a perfect combo for beach rides. As we still have great beach weather over here in The Netherlands, which is quite exceptional for September, I have to be a bit careful with all the people on the beach, but most of them react very enthusiastically when they see this bike and those fat tires.”

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  1. Erv Spanks September 23, 2020 at 1:08 pm # FIELD TRIP! Let’s go ride some beach!!