2020 Global Fat Bike Day Celebration Directory

GFBD 2020 Celebrations!

December Fifth Two Thousand and Twenty

It’s obviously not going to be a normal year, where large celebrations are more prevalent. We hope that we can all celebrate fat-bike fun safely by following responsible COVID 19 Virus recommendations for where you plan to ride. The weather forecast for South Central Wisconsin looks absolutely sterling for the week leading up to GFBD. My plan is to ride one of the trail clusters in our neck of the woods with my wife and if we get some groovy pictures, I’ll post them with the hashtag #gfbd2020. If you get any photo-evidence of fat-bike fun on GFBD, please feel free to tag us or send them to and we’ll share a huge gallery of fat-bike celebrations from around the world.

We wish you a safe and fun Global Fat-Bike Day!

If you would like us to list your GFBD Celebration, please send us an email with #gfbd2020 as the subject to and we’ll help share the fun on bikes!

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