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Fat Video Tuesday – Namibia

Louis Reichert sent in this week’s F(v)T. In the grand scheme of things, Namibia pretty much takes the cake when it comes to getting planetary for Global fat Bike Day. I normally try to say something marginally funny like the International House of Fat Bikes in these situations. The Namibian Desert bumps right up next […]

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Fat Tribe Friday – GFBD 2020 – Positive Vibrations

It’s pert near fall so that means that it’s time to think about the OG of fat-bike holidays – Global Fat-Bike Day. As we’re all aware, this year is fraught with pandemic concerns and I’ve been spending a fair amount of time trying to come up with a plan that addresses everyone’s concerns. I have […]

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Global fat Bike Day is less than a month away!

GFBD 2019 Celebrations! December Seventh Two Thousand and Nineteen Fat Foray Five – Return to Frensham, UK – Rock Park, Stevens Point, WI – Beach State Forest, Two Rivers, WI – County Park, Cambridge, WI – Park, Sudbury, ON, Canada – Lothian Coast Ride, Scotland – Joy, Madison, WI – Iowa –, Ohio –, Wisconsin […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Frensham

Tomorrow is the first day of Winter on the earth’s northern hemisphere, so that make’s this Yule’s Eve; or as your favorite cable TV meteorologist might refer to as the winter solstice. I like to say it’s the shortest day of the year (even though each day is 24 hours long, more or less). The […]

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Global Fat-Bike Day ♦ December 6th, 2014

Two years, ago a couple of very clever Brits came up with an idea for a grass roots – worldwide – fat-bike holiday, that would bring the fat-bike community together, like nothing we’ve ever seen before or since! December 6th, is the date of this year’s – GLOBAL FAT-BIKE DAY! Some of you are probably wondering… why […]

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Weekly Dose of Fat – 12/6/12

 Tomorrow is Global Fat-Bike Day! Sven & Puck are headed up north to ride the beach. Julio, Angry Andy and most of our other homies (Gnorme, Ox, Amy & Bethany) will be riding at Kettle. I’m scheduled to visit the Minneapolis Global Fat-Bike Day celebration. While in MPLS, I’ll tour Hed Cycling and check out their […]

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The Future…

…Looks Fat & Fun! In one month the world wide, fat-bike community is going for a ride. A little something called Global Fat-Bike Day! Find your Celebration or Plan Your Own! Check out tomorrow’s Weekly Dose of Fat for links to GFBD Celebrations!

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Global Fat-Bike Day ♦ December 7th, 2013

About a year, ago a couple of very clever Brits came up with an idea for a grass roots – worldwide – fat-bike holiday, that would bring the fat-bike community together, like nothing we’ve ever seen before or since! That, of course, is until, December 7th, which will be this year’s – GLOBAL FAT-BIKE DAY! […]

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Global Fat-bike Day in Pictures

Here in SE Wisconsin we had a turnout of about 60 fat-bikers at the John Muir and Emma Carlin trail systems near Palmyra, WI. Temps in the 50’s kept snow at bay but, to be truthful, we really haven’t had much in the way of early December snow for many years. Still, the sandy terrain […]

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Weekly Dose of Fat – 11/23/2012 (Bwack Fwyday)

The December 1st Global Fat-Bike Day movement is gaining steam and Gomez has been collecting links to events in various countries and locales around the world but we need more! If you have a fat-bike ride planned to celebrate Global Fat-bike Day shoot us a link to your site or Facebook Event Page and we […]

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Global Fat-Bike Day 12/1/2012

December 1st has been declared – GLOBAL FAT-BIKE DAY! That means fat-bikers from all over the globe are invited to get out for a ride on their fat-bikes! Go for a solo cruise or make plans to gather your fat-bike tribe for a group ride! Don’t forget your camera, because part of the Global Fat-Bike […]

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Weekly Dose of Fat ~ 11/2/2012

A few of our UK amigos came up with the rather stupendous idea to designate December 1st as Global Fat-Bike Day. What’s Global Fat-Bike Day, you ask? It’s the day that fat-bikers from all around the world get together with their friends or family and take a ride. There’s talk of a grand photo post […]

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