Global Fat Bike Day Flashback to Sapporo 2012

I was looking back at the stories from the first Global Fat Bike Day in 2012 and clicked on a link that took me to this photo from Sapporo, Japan. GFBD has grown larger but I always love seeing the portraits of smaller groups of amigos from around the world getting together to ride for fun. The big rides get most of the attention on social media, but I’ve always felt that the solo rider celebrating GFBD is every bit as awesome as a small, medium, or large group celebration.

If you want to get fired up about GFBD, check out the Global Fat Bike Day category and browse around. There are literally thousands of photos of people having fun in there. Time to pack up the bike and get ready for this year’s fat-bike family gathering. I’m celebrating at Levis this year, and there’s a snowstorm coming in on Sunday! Use the hashtag #gfbd2021 on your photos and have FUN!!!

2021 Global Fat Bike Day Ride Guide

We wish you a safe and fun Global Fat-Bike Day!

Two Rivers, Wisconsin –

Sudbury, Ontario –

La Tremblade, France –

Zakopane, Poland –

La Tremblade, France –

Baraboo, Wisconsin –

Toledo, Ohio –

Nowy Targ, Poland –

Lincoln Nebraska –

Lacombe, Alberta –

Grasmyr, Greenland –

Lainsburg, Michigan –

Hungary –

Tallinn, Estonia –

Red Deer, Alberta –

Flanders, Belgium –

Hancock, Michigan –

Wauconda, Illinois –

Neilsville, Wisconsin –

Stevens Point, Wisconsin –

Cleveland, Ohio –

Ironton, Minnesota –

Tannersville, New York –

Brighton, Michigan –

Champlin, Minnesota –

Oakland, Maryland –

Seeley, Wisconsin –

Woodbridge, Connecticut –

Narva, Estonia –

Davenport IA – 

Florianopolis, Brazil –

Two Harbors, Minnesota –

Sparwood, British Columbia is Stoked!!! –

Cedar Rapids, Iowa –

Holland, Michigan –

Thunder Bay, Ontario –

Muskegon, Michigan –

St. Petersburg, Russia –

Fernie, British Columbia –

Solomons, Maryland –

Bismarck, North Dakota –

Sicily, Italy –


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