(Time to Start Planning…) Global Fat Bike Day 2019

Let’s kick it up a few notches…

Summer, this time of year is when I start thinking of shorter days and colder temps and with that brings Global Fat Bike Day. This year the date falls on December 7th for peeps from all around our universe to get out on their own or with a group to ride fat bikes.

For those of you who may be thinking where this idea came from then check out the link:

For the past 4 years I’ve organised the North Wales GFBD ride which has been on the fantastic Newborough Beach where its miles of coast and forestry offer some great ingredients for a ride out.

Smiles of beach riding

As part of this ride a few of us have turned it into a 2 day affair with camping/bivvying involved.

This year I felt a change of location was needed and the idea of moving inland was soon initiated. Earlier this year I stayed in a climbers cottage with some fellow mtber’s and later on I took my sons there. That’s when I thought THIS is the location for my GFBD ride…

Should be better than a tent in December!

So I had my destination and then I needed to plan my route. Tbh this was pretty easy as it’s an area I know well from the years of riding here. There’s plenty of scenery, singletrack, doubletrack and little bit of cheeky off piste riding with a stream/river crossing depending on the previous weeks rain!

Plans afoot!!

The climbers cottage is now booked for a few of us to enjoy the wood burner, gas burners, solar lights and a place to sleep. So despite the weather that could be wet and cold come December I know we’ll be mighty fine in here.

Home comforts!

Put the kettle on! Or have a beer as I’ll be making a visit a few days before to stash some beers! With that the GFBD ride should be a light affair as its just clothing, food and a sleeping bag needed to carry on the bikes.

Destination from the planning!

So fat bike riders of the new order you are summoned to start planning your rides for the 2019 Global Fat Bike Day ride.

GFBD plans…

Editor’s Note: JP inspired me to up my GFBD game with his plans for Wales. Should we do something completely ridiculous? or keep it old school? Share your thoughts and plans for GFBD 2019 with us! ~gomez~

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  1. Gino August 15, 2019 at 11:18 am #

    That looks like a good one. Any 2019 GFBD logo yet?

    • Gomez August 16, 2019 at 7:43 am #


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