Ask the Bicycle Doctor – From the Cradle to the Trail

Maciej and tio gomez talk about how to take kids from the cradle to the trail and eventually answer two listener questions along with the usual ride banter.

Toddler to Middle School – What’s the best pathway for the fledgling cyclist?

Question 1

Dear Doctor,

I enjoyed the new podcast and learned a few new things along the way. I’m an old MTBer, but new to fat bikes. I know tire pressure is important to fat bike ride quality. I’ve seen general ideas on what psi to use depending on terrain, but I would also think that there are many variables to also consider such as tire size, rider weight, etc. Do you have any pointers for dialing in the ideal psi?

Bill Greenwood

Question 2

Hey Doc. I have a 2014 Devinci Troy. It is making what could be described as a “Rusty Hinge” noise coming from the bottom bracket. I can feel a noticeable drag when I pedal and there is an accompanying rubbing noise as well. It does this intermittently and doesn’t seem to matter what gear I am in. It does do it mostly when peddling under load. I have replaced the press fit BB and had the rear pivots serviced. 

Trevor (Allroy) Hughes. 

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