Otso Voytek – New Fork and Colors

The Otso Voytek will be getting its first frameset update since it was launched in 2016, as well as a new paint scheme with four new colorways. Otso designed a new fork for the 2021/22 Voytek. This new fork follows similar lines and contours as the previous forks but has three-pack mounts on either side along with clearance for 5.4” tires. (Does this mean that 5.4-inch tires are in the pipeline?) I made a slide show for you to watch. There’ll be a quiz at the end of the period. Otso’s official News Release is below.

Minneapolis, Minn. (August 10, 2021) — The Otso Voytek blurs the line between fat bike and hardtail. It has adjustable geometry, agile handling, a narrow Q factor, and it can seamlessly move from a fat 26” wheelset to a mountain 27.5” or 29” wheelset without missing a beat or sacrificing ride quality. Now the Voytek features new paint options and an updated fork with cargo mounts.

The Voytek was one of the first bikes launched by Otso Cycles when the company was formed in 2016. It quickly became known as a fat bike that has the nimble handling of a mountain bike. This performance-first versatility that makes the Voytek popular for racing also makes it a reliable bikepacking option for snowy overnighters and multi-day backcountry touring alike. It’s a bike that isn’t constrained to a season or weather—many Voytek owners have a fat wheelset for winter riding and a mountain bike wheelset to swap in for warmer months.

The adjustable geometry of the Tuning Chip rear dropout is at the heart of the versatile Voytek, just as it is with all Otso bikes. With a quick change in positions, the wheelbase can be extended or shortened by up to 20mm, which also changes bottom bracket height by up to 4mm. In the forward position, it’s an aggressive, responsive, race-ready Voytek. In the rear position, it has that same intuitive handling, but with added stability to make it easier to ride in deep snow or adverse terrain. The Tuning Chip also has a center position that blends the benefits of the forward and rear spots.

The new fork for the Voytek was designed to have three mounts on either side and extra clearance for 26” x 5.4” tires, while maintaining similar lines and contours as the original Voytek fork. This is the first design change to the frame or fork since the Voytek was first released. Its extra mounts for cargo will be welcomed by Voytek riders on the Iditarod Trail Invitational, Tour Divide, and Arrowhead 135.

Four colorways are also new to the Voytek. A three-color scheme mixes tonal blends and high-contrast groupings. The four new colorways are Scarlet & Berry, Chartreuse & Olive, Black & Charcoal, and Aquamarine & Orange. The updated Otso Voytek is available now as a complete build or frankset (frame, fork, cranks) at or through local Otso dealers.

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  1. Jeff Shamansky August 21, 2021 at 12:07 pm #

    wish I could run it single speed and put a jonny 5 on the back, but I don’t always get what I wish for 🤪

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