Adam Blake’s Pneu Podcast – Steve Meurett with Levis/Trow Mounds History

Adam is back with our amigo Steve Meurett to talk about the Levis Trail System. This episode of the Pneu Podcast won Ryan Conway a sweet little prize package. We ran a contest that asked for ideas for upcoming episodes of the Danger Gnome Podcast and Ryan responded with the idea to talk about one of our favorite places, Levis!

Yo Gomez!

Long time listener, recent transplant to the Midwest from Montana. I’m in Minneapolis but have been riding camba stuff a lot and also went down to Levis last spring. That place rules! I’d be super curious to hear some history of that place or any of the OG trail systems around the Midwest.

Happy spring!

Ryan Conway

Steve on the groomer

Adam, Steve, and I sat down at a picnic table on the front porch at the Levis Chalet for an outdoor recording session. Adam interviewed Steve about the trails and I ask a question or two. That way we all got to ride the incredible singletrack at Levis and Trow Mounds.

Levis Links

Clark County Levis Page –

Levis Mound Trail Group Page –

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