Cycorld Pro Softshell Pants & MTB Shorts

A month or two ago, Cycorld Pro asked if they could send us some winter softshell pants and a pair of stretchy MTB shorts. I looked at their website and it looked like the sort of kit that I wear all of the time. I noticed that the prices were lower than most of the cycling brands that we’ve been testing. The clincher was when I saw that they have bigger sizes for Clydesdales. So I silenced the brand-snob voice in my head and sent them my size (Large). They sent me a gray pair of softshell cargo pants and a black and gray pair of stretch MTB Shorts and they’ve been getting time in the field.


Softshell pants are part of my standard uniform for winter fat bike rides. My go-to softshell pants are the Bontrager OMW pants, but I also have versions from 686/Specialized and Solomon. I wear them as my outer layer on any ride below 35 F. The softshell pants from Cycorld Pro are not quite as packed with technical features as the Bontrager or 686 versions, but they do have three zippered pockets and an extra-large cargo pocket with velcro closure. They’re pretty versatile and could be used for any cold-weather activity.

The stretch softshell fleece feels good against your skin and is just as windproof as one would expect. The fabric is not 100% waterproof but is applied with a water-resistant coating. The fit on the size larger was fairly generous. The waist closure is a snap with a velcro assist. I’d much rather see a riveted (jean-style) button at the waist but the snap never popped on these as they do sometimes. The hem of the pants is simply as a normal pair of pants with no problem fitting over my winter boots. The fleece was nice and warm and they worked really well, especially when you consider that they sell for just $40. As I mentioned above, Cycorld Pro offers these pants in sizes Small to 3XL.

May the Schwartz be with you

The mountain bike shorts that came into test fit great over a pair of bibs. They have nice stretchy panels that allow for a great deal of freedom. I like the looks and the nice metal rivets. These shorts came with a nice jeans-style riveted button waist closure and two velcro waist adjusters. The shorts have belt loops and six pockets. I guess my only gripe is that they don’t have a zippered hip pocket. The shorts came with a pair of padded underwear liners, that simply did not fit or feel very good at all. The over shorts work quite well. They web-tail for $33 and come in sizes Small to 3XL.

The best things that these two pieces from Cycorld Pro have going for them are the value pricing and the extended sizes for our Clydesdale amigos. If you’re on a budget, these Cycorld Pro pieces are worth a look.

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