New PDW – Zit Bits Frame Bolts

The typical fat bike has over a half dozen M4 threaded cargo zits, just on the fork alone. Portland Design Works just introduced Zit Bits. Zit Bits are machined alloy bolts that are guaranteed to up the flay-vah of any bike. I think of it as bike jewelry. Your bike already has all of the piercings and now PDW has created a variety of jewelry to adorn (and protect) every threaded receptacle in your frame and fork.

About ten years ago, I bought a bag of nylon/plastic M4 screws to stand in for the steel bolts on my Surly Moonlander. If I remember correctly, I weighed all of the nice steel M4 hardware that I removed from the bike (like a true bike-dork). If your bike is a newer model, it might have unthreaded plastic plugs covering your cargo zits. The thing about those little plastic plugs is that they do little to keep moisture from getting inside your frame and they do not protect the machined threads that you might need someday.

PDW introduced their Zit Bitz last week and they caught my eye right away. What a great, fun little bike accessory, especially for bikes that have every known braze-on ever invented. PDW sent us some samples and you can be sure that we’ll share some of these as future contest prizes! I love their adoption of bicycle pubes’ ‘cargo zits’ gnomenclature in the Zit Bitz name. I asked if they could do them with gnomes on them. I’m still waiting to hear back from them on that.

Zit Bitz are sold in sets of four (photo above) You can get a set for $15. For more information about Zit Bits visit –

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  1. Gabe February 13, 2023 at 8:46 pm #

    It seems this article misidentifies the screw size. To avoid confusion, all this hardware is really M5x0.8 Most bike screws of this size use a 4 mm hex tool. This does not, however, make them M4 screws. Nonetheless, these PDW Bitz look awesome and I think I’ll pick some up. Thanks for the article!

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