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We received a new Kings Peak from Fezzari Bicycles last week. I got to see this bike for the first time at Sea Otter and now I’ll be lucky enough to ride a size large Kings Peak for the next couple of months. My sermon today will serve as an introduction to the bike that will be getting a lot of attention in the form of four-season fat bike funskis. I plan on doing some backpacking trips along with a visit to Bayfield County to ride the Superior Vistas Bike Tour at the end of the month. I hope to throw some beach riding into the mix as well. My fat bike is my mountain bike, so there’ll be plenty of rides on singletrack over the next few weeks. But that’s enough about the future, let’s show you this sweet new whip!

The Fezzari Kings Peak is built using Monoformâ„¢ Construction. The frame uses new technology to make carbon frames out of a single mold (no bonding between the front and rear triangles). The KP comes is available in two colorways, Ash Gray and White Amber. I thought that the White would photograph well against the summer pallet. The orange accents prompted me to steal a pair of orange Chester pedals off of my wife’s fat bike. Fezzari has a really well-dialed bike-building interface I took measurements and filled out an online form that determined the level of components, the size frame, and more. The result of exchanging that data is that this demo bike came out of the box and fit me like a glove. I’ve built a lot of bikes and you can tell the difference between a factory-built bike and a bike that has been hand-built by a skilled technician and then boxed with care. Our Kings Peak demo bike falls into the latter category. The build was very easy. They provided QR codes that take you to an assembly video and the owner’s manual. The bike came set up tubeless as well. It’s a sharp-looking fat bike with subtle branding and the fattest 27.5 tires out there.

Triple cargo zits adorn the fork legs and top tube. The downtube has six of them and the Seat tube has two. Internally routed cables keep everything looking nice and clean. The complete bike is offered in a Comp ($2,399) or Elite ($2,899) package. We opted for the Elite build which features a Sram GX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain and a Fox Transfer dropper.

You can see all of the detailed specifications for the Comp and Elite components here –


I’m looking forward to riding the Kings Peak, especially after really enjoying the progressive geometry of the last bike fat-bike that I tested. I’m currently working on getting things dialed, so I can take the KP up north for testing.

Straight out of the box, with these huge tires, the size large bike weighed thirty pounds even. That’s pretty encouraging. When I switch to smaller tires on carbon rims, we should be looking at the mid-twenties, which is a good place to be for any mountain bike (fat or otherwise). So say hello to the next bike in this summer’s parade of new fat bikes. The Fezzari Kings Peak (KP)

Look for a full review somewhere down the pollen path amigos!

For more information about the Fezzari Kings Peak visit –

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  1. gary August 1, 2022 at 5:50 pm #

    Any thoughts on the Kings Peak yet? Reviews are hard to come by.


    • Gomez August 2, 2022 at 1:08 pm #

      coming soon?

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