Ritchey Kyote Handlebar Test by BRaven

I started to develop wrist issues after getting hit by a car while riding my bike in the 1990s. I had double carpal tunnel surgery that helped for a while and rode happily until about a year ago. I started to notice that for a couple of days after a ride, my wrists would hurt more than usual. I talked to one of my friends that has carpal tunnel and they suggested I try a bar with more sweep. My old bars are a traditional low riser handlebar with a 9 or 10-degree sweep (that’s according to Gomez)

These days, there are a ton of choices for alternative bars. I’m not a bike-nerd, but my husband dabbles in the dark art of bike nerdery all of the time. I asked him to look into a new bar for me and soon after he returned from Sea Otter, the Ritchey Comp Kyote bar showed up at our door. The Kyote comes really wide, so he trimmed it down to match my wingspan and installed the new bar using the existing stem.

My hands and arms felt quite natural on the new bars from the start. The second thing that I noticed about the bars is that they seemed to make it easier to ride tight switchback corners. It felt like I had a tighter turning radius with the Kyote bar it feels like the Ferrari steering wheel of handlebars. The new bars have been a game changer for me. Before the new bar, I put off riding due to the reoccurring pain that it was causing. Now I’m back on my bike tearing up the singletrack and riding the bandito loop with Gomez!

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  1. Kitteh Lumpkin August 20, 2022 at 5:18 pm #

    Nice review Miss Raven!

  2. Josh August 21, 2022 at 11:54 pm #

    I’m also using these bars!

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