I’ve been wearing Gore Wear kit for nearly 20 years now so you could say I’m a keen user. What I’ve like about Gore is it ‘works’. So if they say its windproof, it will be. If they say its breathable, it will be. You get the idea.

So a few months back a care package landed from’s HQ with some Gore kit to use. As most of it was winter kit I wanted the summer out of the way asap so I could don the gear and get out in foul weather. Fast forward more than 6 months and I’ve started using the items below. We’re not in any real cold snaps here in the UK at the moment but I’ve tried getting out when it’s been a bit grim.


GORE states that the Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper product technology is totally windproof, durably water-resistant, lightweight, and extremely breathable and they are 100% correct. What I love about this jacket is the windproofness of the material. With it being fantastic at keeping the cold air out, its also good for letting the warm escape from your body. The breathability of the Infinium works extremely well.

The water-resistant material does keep the rain out but after a while, it will seem through, but again GORE states that it is water resistant and it is. I’ve been out on some pretty wet rides recently and this jacket coupled with my faithful GORE waterproof has been a reliable combination.

The fit is great too and what I do like about it is the low cut on the back. There’s nothing worse than having a ‘cycling’ jacket only for it to ride up when stretched down. This jacket is 100mm longer at the back and with the grippy material at the bottom, you can be sure it’ll stay where it is.

On the cuffs, there’s also a nice touch of angling them. This means that again when stretched out, the cuffs do not expose the skin when wearing gloves. When fully zipped up, the high-neck collar does a fine job of keeping the core away from the chill.

The rear of the jacket sports 3 deep open pockets and one zipped pocket. When I say deep, they are deep if a little narrow though. The zipped pocket is handy for those valuable bits.

I must say I’ve been highly impressed but not surprised at the quality of not only the build but of the performance of this jacket. Highly recommended!!

5/5 Welsh Dragon Award

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  1. Jeff December 1, 2022 at 2:38 pm #

    Looking forward to the review of the other stuff in the Gore kit you received.
    I run the GORE Phantom jacket, Windstopper Thermo Beanie, and C3 GORE-TEX INFINIU STRETCH MID GLOVES. Given appropriate layering, they all work quite well over a range of temperatures.