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Eckart Sky Trek 5 - With jumping roo v2-3

Wallpaper Wednesday – Aussie Series No. 6

  Our amigo from Australia, Eckart Altenkamp is back for his sixth Wallpaper Wednesday in our monthly Aussie Wallpaper Series. This what Eckart shared about this month’s image. This picture was taken riding the “Sky Trek” in a 270 square km farm in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. We encountered many Emus and kangaroos, but […]

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Salt Lake 4-2

Wallpaper Wednesday – Aussie Series 5

  The week’s Wallpaper Wednesday is the 5th installment in our Aussie Series from Eckart Altenkamp. This is a shot of Eckart’s campsite on the edge of a large salt lake in Southern Australia. Eckart rides the salt lake to train for the Simpson Desert Challenge. Got your own Wallpaper Worthy Photo? We love to feature […]

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2018 Australian Fat-Bike National Championships 5/11/2018

  Mountain Bike Australia in conjunction with Karunjie Event Management is pleased to present the inaugural Fat Bike National Championships to be held at Cable Beach, near Broom, Western Australia. Fat-Bike beach racing is coming to Western Australia next Saturday! You can register for the race here and you can visit the event page here. […]

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Boat Harbour Beach-2

Wallpaper Wednesday – Aussie Series 4

  Simpson Desert Challenge Champion, Eckart Altenkamp is back with our fourth instalment in his Series of Aussie Wallpaper Wednesdays. This week’s landscape was taken at Boat Harbour Beach at the northern end of Eckart’s regular 8km long training beach in Sydney’s South. Beach riding is one of my favourite forms of fat-bike fun! Got your […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Aussie Series #3 – 2018 Simpson Desert Challenge Announcement

  Here’s why we deemed March as Fat-Bike Beach Month…Mud. Spring thaw renders most of the trails in our home region unridable in March, because the spring thaw makes our trails suceptable to damage. Different regions and countries have differing rules and customs that off-road cyclists follow to protect the local trails. It’s up to […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Aussie Series Premier – Featuring Eckart Altenkamp

  We’re stoked to introduce a new monthly series that will feature photos from the 2017 Simpson Desert Challenge Champion, Eckart Altenkamp. So once a month, we’ll flip your wigs with some incredibly beautiful images from Austrailia! This is what Eckart shared about this photo. I took this photo on a training ride for the Simpson […]

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Fat Video Tuesday 2017 Simpson Desert Challenge!

  Eckart Altenkamp is the winner of this year’s edition of the 2017 Simpson Desert Bike Challenge and he sent us an update on this year’s event. Echart shared “We only had 12 participants in 2017… and I think that’s is a shame. It is such an amazing event… and the volunteers running it deserve […]

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Diamant F1-LTD Review – By Euan Pennington

    I’m old enough to remember the 90’s, when mountain bike brands would occasionally build a bike for a trade show, it would be boggling at sub 24 pounds in weight, it would be made of unobtanium, paper-mache and hope, and it had a rider weight limit of not very much.  It was still […]

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Video Race Report – 2016 Simpson Desert Bike Challenge – by Martin Solms

There are not many fat bike races in the world that involve complicated logistics, dedicated support crews, 3000miles of driving, and a whopping 300 miles of multi-day, one-way stage racing.  But if this type of event takes your fancy, then welcome to the Australian Simpson Desert Bike Challenge.   Following on, from our race reports published […]

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Reid Zeus Review by Euan Pennington

Reid Zeus – Godly or Ghastly? For the last couple of months I have had the Reid Zeus fatbike lurking in my shed, to try and determine what’s what.  Reid is a budget brand based here Down Under, but with distribution to Europe and the US.  They keep their prices down by selling not only […]

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zues slider

First Look – Reid Cycles – Zeus

By: Euan Pennington Anyone who rides a fatbike will know there is huge interest out there surrounding these bikes, but in a strange twist of fate, not everyone has an unlimited bike budget. Apparently there are those who squander their hard earned on fripperies such as mortgages, rent, food and children, and to these people […]

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2015 Simpson Desert Bike Challenge Report

  By :  Euan Pennington “It’s the French Line.” Four words, but as Hipsters might say, it could get Cray Cray.  Last year I ran support for a rider on the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge, I was undecided if I would indulge again this year, then the email arrived.  The French Line.  Mad not to. […]

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Foto Gordo – Big Fat Hurt

Joshua Macpherson sent us a shot from the mapping stage of the Big Fat Hurt. Josh was joined by riders, Brad Mertens and Ross Cairns, near Myall Lakes, New South Wales, Austalia. This is our way of suggesting that, “it’s not too late to load your bike and some gear and go explore the great outdoors this weekend!”  Friday Fat-Bike Stoke…….Engaged. […]

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Queen Fattie – Ruling Over Her Skinny Subjects

We’ve had quite a few articles from riders in Australia over the years and site contributor, Mark Peterson, put out his tentacles to uncover this on from his Bro, Troy, in New South Wales. Written and shot by: Adam Troy (August, 2014) Location: Shellharbour, NSW, Australia Fat bikes. They are freakish looking things. I wasn’t quite […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Canning Stock Route Australia

Tom Walwyn from the land down under recently did an unsupported ride of the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia. Total distance, about 1150 miles and they did it in 26 days! You can read more about the ride on Tom’s blog Download the appropriate size and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ The Dude on the Dune

Ross Cairns captured, thee – Bike Bag Dude – Kedan Griffin, kicking up a little rooster tail at Stockton Sand Dunes, last month during a ‘south hemi’ – winter fat-biking trip! What’s your fat-bike fetish? Send us an electronic post card from your local fat-bike rodeo or just drop me a line at and let […]

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Muru Cycles Swale [O] Suspension Fork

Our amigo from down under, Wayne Chapman, is the main man behind MURU Cycles. He’s been teasing us with the news that he would be bringing a fat suspension fork to the market for awhile, and today, we get to show you what he’s been been working on.   The MURU Swale[O] Features a lockout, […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Yurrebilla

   (click to enlarge) Billy Somerville took this shot on the Yurrebilla Trail in South Australia. You can see more of Billy’s camera work at   Share Some Fat-Bike Fun!   Send your Fat Foto Friday shots to along with some sort of description and help us provide a little inspiration to the […]

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blue moon video tuesday

Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ The Dandenongs

David Peterson sent us a video clip from down under and had this to say about it. “My vid was filmed in a place that’s about an hours dive east of Melbourne (Oz) in a place called Mount Dandenong but it’s know to us more as just ‘The Dandenongs’. There are many walking and cycling […]

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¡ Angry Andy Gets Down (Under) !

Down Under Holiday! Written by: Andy Oleson Ok, This story can’t progress another word without giving a HUGE shout out to Kath n Kedan Griffin, fellow BBR test pilot, Chris Zito, and MURU Cycles head man – Wayne Chapman! For without their great generosity and help this story would be non-existent.  I’ve had the good […]

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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Water Spout

  Aussie amigo, R Cairns captured this image of a water spout, while out beach riding with a friend, down under. Check out more from R Cairnes at We love getting out on the beach in raw weather! Next time a storm is brewing, grab your fatty and head to the beach. Maybe you’ll wake […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Bungle Bungles

George from iSi Advanced Bicycle Carriers in Australia sent in this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday photo. George says: I have been enjoying the wallpaper series very much and thought it is time to contribute as well! From the remote Kimberley region of Australia, we explore the dry river beds found in the Bungle Bungles where riding fat is the […]

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wayne's fat-bike world

Wallpaper Wednesday – Australian Endo(s)

Our South Pacific Bureau Chief, Wayne Chapman, sent us this shot from Day 5, morning stage, Simpson Desert Bike Challenge 2010 ( This is Wayne’s description of the scene. (Read Wayne’s quotes with an Aussie accent)  After almost 500km, sand had given way to bulldust and peagravel… and rain of all things. Thank heavens I thought to fit […]

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