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1 UP USA Rak Attach Review

Back in February, we published a first look at the 1Up USA Rak Attach and I’m back to report on how things went long term, thru the summer camping season. In a nutshell…1Up USA sells this accessory for their excellent hitch racks called the Rak Attach. It allows the fully loaded rack to pivot ninety […]

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Fat-Bike Roof Rack

Tha Mangoman, aka Dylan shared this roof rack solution for Fat-Bikes made by 1 up USA. Review: 1 up USA’s Quik-Rack – Like many folks I’ve been transporting my bicycles with a hitch-based rack. But the times, they are a-changin’. How? I commute about a hundred miles a day, and I’ve seen more rear-end accidents […]

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Alex’s Custom Fat-Bike Car Rack

Mukluk riding New York friend, Alex, wrote this piece about a cool rear rack that he constructed over the Christmas Holiday Weekend. Thanks for the story Alex! Christmas Eve Went for a brilliant second ride on my Mukluk (thanks Alan at for hooking me up!!). The trails were filled with a permafrost of tiny […]

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Purple Sage’s FatRack Saris Rack Mod

This FatRack “Rack Hack” came courtesy of The Rider of the Purple Sage just hours before he headed back to Colorado from MKE. Thanks for all your hard work! Too bad we had the wrong Saris load bar width for your 850! So, what we have here is a circa 1995 Saris Roof Rack tray. […]

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