Schlick Cycles Northpaw

The designer of the Northpaw, Greg Smith, worked with frame-building legend Tom Teesdale to dial in the design to meet the needs of year ’round Fatbikers. After riding several friend’s Pugsleys and really having a blast he knew that the Northpaw would not just be a snow bike, it would be a 4-season Fatbike that would become a go-to bike for all conditions. Beach, trail, snow, city, anywhere you want to go, the Northpaw FatBike will take you there and back.

Like several other FatBikes, the Schlick Cycles Northpaw is an offset design using a standard 135mm MTB cassette hub in the rear and a 135mm singlespeed MTB rear as the front hub. A couple of reasons drove the decision to use the offset-style design for the Northpaw.

  1. There are a lot of 135mm MTB hubs out there as well as offset rims, forks and other readily available parts that help keep the cost reasonable.
  2. Offset frames have been around for a while and you can simply swap out your older frame for a new Northpaw and use nearly every part you already have.
  3. The frame can be set up with just about any drive train configuration you want; traditional derailleur(s), Internally Geared Hubs, Singlespeed, etc.

In keeping with Schlick Cycles vision of FatBikes as year-round steeds, ready for adventure whenever you are, a couple of design features make the Northpaw the most versatile Fatbike available!

Adjustable Headset Angle – We’ve built the Northpaw with a 1.5″ head tube so you can have options if that is the way you want to go. The new Cane Creek AngleSet allows you to adjust the head tube angle up to 1.5 degrees from stock in .5-degree increments allowing you to tailor your Northpaw to varying riding conditions.

Sliding Rear Dropout – To give maximum drivetrain compatibility, ease of use and just plain cool, the Northpaw uses Paragon Machine Works sliding drop out.

Currently, all Northpaws are hand-built by Tom Teesdale. If you’ve been into American Handmade Bikes for any length of time Tom’s name will be familiar to you as one of the best in the biz. Greg has been working with Tom on various projects for 15-plus years and know that he is the best in the biz when it comes to specing tubes that will achieve our goal as well as being able to construct the frames with the skill that only thousands and thousands of bike builds, and 30 years of experience, can deliver.

The frame and fork set is $1349
Frame Only is $999

Check out the Northpaw Fatbike at

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