Iceman Fat-Bike Champion – Carey Grumelot and his 9:Zero:7 Whiteout

photo-3 (1)Earlier this month Carey Grumelot won the Men’s Icebike Division of the Iceman Cometh Challenge over a field loaded with fast fatties. The Iceman calls their fat-bike division ‘Icebike’. He rode a new 9:Zero:7 – full carbon – Whiteout to victory, so we thought that our readers might want to know a little more about his race bike and the man!

Tell us about your pathway to fat-bike racing.

I started racing in 1996 in the sport class and found a new love of biking. Since then I’ve had several top finishes in the pro class, but unfortunately I’ve never managed to win. After several second place finishes, the local Traverse City paper said “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride”. How fitting that statement turned out to be. After having raced in the pro category for years, I’ve since done Single Speed, age brackets, and now the Ice Bike. Late this summer Bill and Jamie from 907 and Chain Reaction Cycles (Anchorage AK) approached me about racing one of their new carbon 907 Whiteout’s in the 2013 Iceman Cometh Challenge, Icebike class. My immediate thought was “yes!”, I was excited about racing in a new class and on a new carbon 907, and about the possibility of bringing a new bike to the podium.

Share a few thoughts about your 9:Zero:7 Whiteout and how it raced.

Coming out of cross season in Alaska, I only had about 2 weeks to get a bike ready and start preparing for the Iceman. Chain Reaction Cycles, 907, Pip Printing, shop mechanic Robin Dilley, and Bill and Jamie did a great job getting the bike up to spec for the race. After the first couple rides I knew the bike was dialed in. I loved the stiffness and handling on the trails. With the Iceman course being sandy I knew it would be an excellent bike for the conditions. Tire pressure was a big debate, higher for speed or lower for comfort? I went with high pressure, which was fast and handled the sand beautifully. I took advantage of the high pressure and rolling fast on the pavement, went to the front and never looked back. Starting behind 2,000 or 3,000 people, I knew traffic would be the biggest factor for everyone in this class. My mentality was to stay in front and keep passing as many people as possible, the Whiteout made it possible to utilize lines that other racers could not take. With this attitude and by staying aggressive throughout the race, I was able to have a great race.

Katy Grumelot racing her dad’s full carbon, Whiteout in the Sno Cone

What was the best part of your Iceman experience this year?

What’s funny is that last year ,my daughter, Katy Grumelot, was the first child to race on an ice bike, using my small aluminum 907. We brought the same bike for her to ride this year, but it was damaged in shipping. She insisted on riding the carbon 907, which I was skeptical about because it was a size medium. She was adamant, “Daddy, I can do this!” With a little help from our Stubway friends, we got the bike set up and she was stoked to finish the Sno Cone race on it. Seeing the smile on her face was the best moment of the weekend, although now she wants to trade me for the bike. Gotta love our future cyclists!

A huge thanks to friends, family and sponsors that have made 17 years of racing the Iceman possible. A special thanks to 907 for trusting me to represent them and their bike at the 2013 Iceman Cometh Challenge.

907 002
Carey’s 9:Zero:7 Whiteout – Iceman Cometh Challenge – Icebike Champion Race Rig! (click to enlarge)

The Component List

Frame – 9Zero7 Carbon Whiteout

Fork-  9Zero7 Carbon Whiteout

Rear Derailleur-  Sram XX1

Shifters – Sram XX1

Headset – 9Zero7

Bottom Bracket – Raceface

Crankset – Raceface Turbine

Pedals – Time Atac

Brake Calipers – Avid BB7

Brake Levers – Avid Dig 7

Cassette – Sram XX1

Chain – Sram XX1

Stem – Raceface Turbine

Handlebar – Raceface Next Carbon Riser

Seatpost – Raceface Next Carbon

Saddle – WTB Silerado

Grips – Raceface Lockons

Tires – 45NRTH Husker DU

Tubes – Tubeless

Cable/Housing – Jagwire

Skewers  – 9Zero7- 135/197 Thru

Seat Collar – 9Zero7

Wheelset – Rolling Darryl/907 Hubs/BK DB Spokes

907 011

For more information about 9:Zero:7 visit –

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  1. Very worthy winner! Carey went to the front right at the gun and just rode everyone off his wheel as we went through traffic.

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