2015 Specialized – Three Fatboys

Specialized Bicycle will be offering their Fatboy in three different trim packages and as a frameset for 2015. The Fatboy Pro features a Bluto Suspension Fork along with Sram’s XO1 rally sport package. I’d ride the Fatboy Pro all day long with a 2 x10 Sram drive train and (like the Pro) the new spectacular Shimano Hydro Discs. And for those that are on a slightly smaller bike budget the Fatboy offers a solid build and all three of the bikes share the same beautifully smooth M4 Premium Aluminum Frame. I’ve had a chance to ride last year’s fatboy and was impressed. Several of our amigos up in Port ride last year’s model and love them. The Specialized Fatboy is a solid five inch fat-bike. Check out the 2015 Fatboy photos and specs below.

Fatboy Pro



Fatboy Expert






Fatboy Frameset

Fatboy Frameset




For more information about the Specialized Fatboy visit – www.specialized.com or your local Specialized dealer.


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  1. “The Specialized Fatboy is a solid five inch fat-bike”
    Is it confirmed that the 2015 production frames can take 4,8 Lou on 100mm Clownshoes whitout rubbing the chainstay?

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