Not a Wallpaper Wednesday Club ♦ Fat-Bikes from the Planet Gnometron

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smage in gnomeland

I met Pat Smage at this year’s Mountain Bike Prom back in June. I seem to remember that he hopped his Mukluk with the skill and grace of a bicycle ninja. He sent me some great shots of he and his amiga on their fat-bikes, but this one really captured my imagination. The scores of rock cairns remind me of growing up, on the planet Gnometron. Pat is also on deck for the next episode of Fat (video) Tuesday, so stay tuned to fat dash bike dot com for more fat-bike funskies!

Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming!

Over the last ten days I’ve been delighted and felt really fortunate to have received so many beautiful photos of fat-bike-FUN from around the globe! Please keep on sending us your fat-ventures and we’ll keep on sharing them with the world wide, fat-bike tribe. My email address is uncle

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