Lake McConaughy Beach Ride – By Garrett Olsen

ED – Garrett Olsen is a really talented artist that we’ve worked with and when I saw the pictures of his group beach ride, I messaged him and asked if we could work together and share the story with our readers. 


Inspired by all the guys and gals who posted up lake picks last year, I got the idea to start a ride of my own on the very western, great plains oasis in, what the Sioux Nation calls, Nebraska. My plan is to do more of these beach rides at various local lakes.


Our first group ride took us to Lake McConaughy Nebraska. I sent the invite out on facebook and there was a lot of interest, but only a couple of takers. Bobby Denny (Green coat and beard) and Shawn Krull (Red bike) were the only one’s to show up, but that didn’t put a damper on things at all.


Temps started in the 30’s and ended a balmy 45. The sand was like concrete. Very fast rolling. The lake has pretty unpredictable ice, so we decided to follow proper safety protocols and stayed off of the ice. I tried walking out to a island at the beginning and ended up turning around when I spotted open water. (Yea not good).


All in all the ride was a stone cold groove – Good conversations were had. Beers were refreshing. The vibe was very positive.


ED – Garrett’s inspired us by deciding to put together a series of group rides! We were just saying on the Weekly Dose (show#119) that we’d like to see more group rides come together and that’s exactly what Garrett has already done! So we’re encouraging all of you out there in the fat-bike world to gather your friends and hold a nice recreational group ride and have some fun!



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