Wyatt Maverick Product Spotlight by Aristotle Peters

I am delighted to bring to you the new and improved Wyatt Maverick.  They have completely redesigned the rear end of the bike with a cnc’d seatstay yoke to match their chainstay yoke.  This is all matched to rectangular stays and machined dropouts. This is all beautifully manufactured from blocks and tubes in their new factory near La Crosse, Wisconsin.

You can build this bike with your choice of components via their direct to consumer website or through one of their new dealers.  This build at the time was referred to as the “Wrendition” and after adding the dropper post came out to $3098 msrp. This Maverick, set up tubeless, with pedals, and heavy tires, comes in at just under 37 pounds.  

Here is the frame info from their website:

Non-drive side showing the 4-piston Shimano brakes and the dropper post in rad mode

ODI grips, Wren aluminum stem and carbon bars

Options include 26” or 27” wheels.  I went with the more playful and floatacious 26.

I won’t take the time and space to list all of their build options, but please visit their website to explore.  Every option seems to be well thought out and will definitely get the job done. Maverick | Fat Bike | American-made Fat Bike

I am excited to put this bike through the ringer for the rest of this winter.  Be sure to check out the full review with more pictures and words on the bike in action.  I have also been able to obtain a certain reverse-arched fat-bike fork that will enable me to do a Mastodon vs Wren face-off.  Be sure to check out that comparison after I get a chance to bounce on both.

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  1. Looks great. I have to ask. Why do some shimano shift levers still come with that little clear gear indicator with the red stick. I think that takes away from the look of the cockpit. Just my opinion.

    • That is a great question. Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed it until reading your comment. I am so used to not having it, which probably means it didn’t bother me. Now it might… thanks a lot 😉

  2. Dang, sweet looks, but that seems on the extra portly side. I know I know, its a fat bike, but even my pugsley is 31ish. Any guesses where the majority of the heft is?

    • I’d look to the tries. Minion fatties aren’t featherweights by a long shot (roughly 3.5lbs per tire). And the Wren fork isn’t helping matters either coming near the 5lb mark.

    • Weight is similar to the Trek Farley 7 at 36 lbs. Similar build: Mastadon on Farley vs Wren on Wyatt, both have heavy tires, dropper seatposts. It all adds up.

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